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Cloister of the Monastery of Cañas.
Alabaster window, north chapel Monastery of Cañas.

Cañas is a municipality of La Rioja, Spain. It was the birthplace of Saint Dominic of Silos (1000-1073).

The abbey of Santa María de San Salvador de Cañas for Cistercian nuns was founded in this town by Lope Díaz I de Haro and his wife Aldonza in 1169 and 1170.[1] Its wealth and power culminated during the 13th century under the abbess Urraca Díaz de Haro, between 1222 and 1262.[2] The nuns benefited from the patronage of the Haro family until its extinction in 1322.[3] The community is still active today and retains fragments of it medieval library, particularly a complete Burgundian antiphonary from around 1200, and a Castilian missal from 1267–1279.[4]


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Coordinates: 42°22′59″N 2°51′00″W / 42.383°N 2.850°W / 42.383; -2.850