CT Corp

CT Corp (formerly known as Para Group) is a group of companies owned by Chairul Tanjung established since 1987. The use of "CT" on some company's name stands for his initials.

PT Trans Corpora
CT Corp
Para Group (1987–2011)
Founded1987; 33 years ago (1987)
FounderChairul Tanjung
HeadquartersJakarta, Indonesia
Key people
Chairul Tanjung
Natural resources
SubsidiariesBank Mega
Trans Media
CT Global Resources


Initially this group established a children's shoes export business with a capital of Rp 150 million, which he obtained from Bank Exim. In 1996, CT Corp acquired Mega Bank and changed its name to Bank Mega. Then this group developed its business through the shop complex Bandung Supermall. In less favorable conditions, CT Corp took over Bank Tugu and changed its name to Bank Mega Syariah.

After several years, Bank Mega slowly improved. 28 March 2001, this bank succeeded in listing initial shares on the Jakarta Stock Exchange for Rp. 1,125 per share. Two years later, Bank Mega became the biggest source of funding for CT Corp with its contribution of around 40 percent.


The contribution of Trans TV is also not small. At least Trans TV has experienced a "break point by operation event" in the second year, which is about May 2003. The turning point of Trans TV's success took place since the first quarter 2002. According to the Nielsen Media Research survey, at that time Trans TV was ranked fifth as the highest number of adverts from 10 television stations, namely Rp 149.2 billion.

Armed with performance success, and pegged to number two at the end of 2005, Trans TV through its parent company Trans Corp in June 2006 made an MoU to buy part of TV7 shares held Kompas Gramedia Group, and changed the name and identity of TV7 company to Trans7.


The Group also has good relations with Anthoni Salim. Salim Group had been indebted when Para Group helped save Bank Central Asia, which was then hit by a financial crisis. With the Salim Group, Para Group partners in working on projects in Batam and Singapore. With Sinar Mas Group, Para Group also partners in the Mega Life life insurance company.

In Singapore, Para Group acquired a public company called Asia Medic, which is engaged in health care. Besides that, Para Group created a joint venture company called Gladifora. Whereas in Batam, (in collaboration with Arsikon) Para Group created a joint venture in the property sector, and has obtained a concession of around 300 hectares in a strategic location. The plan on this land will be built entertainment and residential centers. The housing is Coastarina.

Changes to Company IdentityEdit

On 1 December 2011, Chairul Tanjung inaugurated the Para Group change to CT Corp. CT Corp consists of three sub holding companies: Mega Corp, Trans Corp, and CT Global Resources which include financial services, media, retail, lifestyle, entertainment, and natural resources.[1] Changing the name of this company also coincides with changes in the company's identity and logo. According to Chairul Tanjung, because it has been 30 years, there must be a transformation.

Corporate governanceEdit

As of October 31, 2019, CT Corp ownership is as follows:

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