CSP UM Timișoara

UM Timișoara was a Romanian professional football club from Timișoara, Romania, founded in 1960 and dissolved in 2008.

CSP UM Timișoara
Sigla umt.jpg
Full nameClubul Sportiv Profesionist UM Timișoara
Nickname(s)Zebrele (Zebaras)
Mecanicii (Machinists)
Short nameUMT


The club didn't obtain great performances during its existence, but succeeded to play one season of Romanian top football, in the 2001–02 Divizia A.

At the end of the 2007–08 Liga III, UMT were relegated to the Timiș County League (Liga IV), but didn't start in this competition because they were dissolved.


Liga II:

Liga III:

Notable managersEdit

  • Gheorghe Chimiuc
  • Cristian Contescu
  • Aioanei Ciprian
  • Aurel Șunda
  • Costică Rădulescu
  • Orlando Trandu
  • Ion Liță Dumitru
  • Costică Toma
  • Gheorghe Staicu
  • Steop Remus