CSM București (women's handball)

Clubul Sportiv Municipal București, also known as CSM București, CSM or CSM Bucharest, is a women's handball team based in Bucharest, Romania, that competes in the Liga Naţională and the EHF Champions League.

CSM București
CSM București.png
Full nameClubul Sportiv Municipal București
Nickname(s)Tigroaicele (The Tigresses)
Short nameCSM
Founded2007; 14 years ago (2007)
ArenaSala Polivalentă
PresidentGabriela Szabo
Head coachAdrian Vasile
CaptainCristina Neagu
LeagueLiga Naţională
2020–21Liga Națională, 1st of 16
Club colours   
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Team colours
Kit body thinsidesonwhite.png
Team colours
Kit right arm blackborder.png
Team colours
Team colours
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Team colours
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Team colours
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Team colours
Team colours
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Founded in 2007, the club has traditionally worn a blue kit since inception. The team has played its home matches in the 5,300-capacity Polyvalent Hall in the Tineretului Park in southern Bucharest.

CSM București established itself as a major force in both Romanian and European handball in the late 2010s, winning EHF Champions League in its debut season and reaching the Final Four three consecutive times. This success was replicated in the league, where the club won four consecutive times.

The official CSM mascot is a "tiger". CSM Bucharest is one of the most widely supported handball clubs in Romania.

Location of CSM București
Location of CSM București


Early yearsEdit

CSM București was formed in 2007 by the General Council of Bucharest, as part of the program to promote handball among capital's youth.[1] The team played in the second division of Romania for two seasons without notable results. At the end of the 2008–2009 season, Rapid București experienced financial problems and eleven of their players along with coach Vasile Mărgulescu, moved to CSM. Benefiting from the experience of several new players, the club won all its Divizia A matches and promoted to the Liga Națională.[2]

Since 2010, CSM Bucharest were a constant presence of the Liga Națională,[3] and finished third in their debut season, after Oltchim Vâlcea and Universitatea Cluj-Napoca. The team made European debut playing in the 2011–2012 season of the EHF Cup, where they reached the Round of 16 but unfortunately being eventually beaten by Romanian HC Zalău. In the following two seasons they played in the Liga Națională without significant results.

First national title (2015)Edit

Mărgulescu was fired after a poor start in 2014 and replaced with Mette Klit.[4] The ambitious board aimed to win the Liga Națională next season, wanting to become even a threat to win the Champions League.[5] In the spring of 2014, four Brazilian World Championship winners (Mayssa Pessoa, Ana Paula Rodrigues, Deonise Cavaleiro and Fernanda da Silva), plus 2014 European Championship's stars Carmen Martín and Linnea Torstenson, signed contracts at CSM.[6] A strong squad was filled with local talent including Oana Manea, Iulia Curea or Talida Tolnai.[6]

The club hosted first edition of Bucharest Trophy in preseason.[7] The hosts took the home advantage to win the final against Champions League Runners-Up ŽRK Budućnost.[8]

The Tigresses won their first eight matches of the season[9] before losing to title rivals HCM Baia Mare.[10] But at the second part of the season, CSM took revenge on Baia Mare with 29–23 win in Bucharest. They secured a spot in the playoffs and second place in the regular season. Eventually, they won 6 consecutive games, earning gold medal. CSM București beat HCM Baia Mare in both legs of the Championship Play Off Final. Previously they defeated HC Dunărea Brăila and Corona Braşov.[11]

EHF Champions League triumph and domination in Romania (2016–)Edit

By winning the national title, CSM qualified automatically for the groups of the 2015–16 EHF Champions League edition.[12] Once again, the club makes another number of top transfers including Isabelle Gulldén,[13] Romanian legend Aurelia Brădeanu and Danish duo Line Jørgensen and Maria Fisker.[14]

Between 20 and 23 August, Bucharest hosted in preseason the second Bucharest Trophy event and grabbed a second consecutive title by defeating Corona Braşov, ŽRK Vardar and ŽRK Budućnost in the final. In September 2015, Mette Klit was replaced in CSM, her Danish fellow Kim Rasmussen taking over.

Under Rasmussen, The Tigresses attained a milestone of 25 consecutive league victories. A second championship was won in April 2016.[15] In 2016, CSM won the treble winning all the country titles, including the Cup and the Supercup (both against HCM Roman).[16]

CSM București made Champions League debut playing against ŽRK Budućnost, IK Sävehof and SPR Lublin SSA in the group stage. Four wins over the opponents from Sweden and Poland, as well the Montenegro draw, secured second place. Into the main round, CSM bothered by injury.[17] Győri Audi ETO KC and ŽRK Vardar defeated CSM but the team reached the knockout phase where the Romanian side beat undefeated Rostov-Don twice in the quarterfinals.[18]

At the continent finals, in May 2016, București qualified for Final 4 finals for the first time after a semifinal victory over ŽRK Vardar, winning 27–21.[19] On 8 May, CSM București won their title beating Győri Audi ETO KC in the final after a nail-biting penalty shootout. Playmaker Isabelle Gulldén scored 15 goals for CSM and finished as Europe's top scorer, whilst Aurelia Brădeanu scored the final spot-kick.[17] Goalkeeper Jelena Grubišić was named Finals MVP.[20] CSM regained the trophy for Romania after a 52-year break.[21]



Domestic competitionsEdit

CSM Bucharest celebrating their Bucharest Trophy 2014 win against ŽRK Budućnost

European competitionsEdit

Other competitionsEdit


Current squadEdit

Squad for the 2021–22 season


Current technical staffEdit

Selected former playersEdit

Kit manufacturers and shirt sponsorsEdit

Season Kit manufacturer Brands
2015–2016 Kempa Electromontaj / Toyota / Diangi Bak 2 /
2016–2017 Electromontaj / Borsec / Diangi Bak 2
2017–2018 Engie / Borsec / Novatik
2018–2019 Engie / BMW / Borsec / Novatik
2019–2020 Engie / Fiat / Borsec / Novatik
2020-2021 Engie / Unibet / Borsec / Novatik
Engie / Banca Transilvania / Unibet / Borsec / Cocomax
2021–2022 Game World Casino / Engie / Fiterman Pharma / Borsec / Cocomax

European competitionsEdit

EHF competitions
Season Competition Pld W D L GF GA Diff
2015–16 EHF Champions League 16 10 1 5 416 387 +29
2016–17 EHF Champions League 16 10 1 5 427 407 +20
2017–18 EHF Champions League 16 10 1 5 455 395 +60
2018–19 EHF Champions League 14 6 1 7 400 380 +20
2019–20 EHF Champions League 12 7 1 4 314 288 +26
Total 74 43 5 26 2012 1857 +155

Pld – Played; W – Won; D – Drawn; L – Lost; GF – Goals for; GA – Goals against; Diff – Difference.

EHF Champions LeagueEdit

Season Competition Round Club Home Away Aggregate
2015–16 Champions League
Group Matches
(Group D)
  SPR Lublin SSA 33–21 30–27 2nd
  IK Sävehof 28–17 27–22
  Budućnost 22–28 23–23
Main Round
(Group 2)
  FC Midtjylland 24–22 28–23 4th
  HC Vardar 25–30 21–22
  Győri ETO KC 22–24 22–28
Quarter Final   Rostov-Don 26–25 29–28 55–53
Semi Final (F4)   HC Vardar 27–21
Final (F4)   Győri ETO KC 29–26 (ET)
2016–17 Champions League
  Third place
Group Matches
(Group C)
  Rostov-Don 24–21 22–20 2nd
  FC Midtjylland 26–20 21–24
  Győri ETO KC 24–27 25–33
Main Round
(Group 2)
  Larvik HK 26–26 33–35 3rd
  Team Esbjerg 33–25 25–20
  RK Krim 24–21 28–26
Quarter Final   Ferencvárosi TC 30–25 27–26 57–51
Semi Final (F4)   HC Vardar 33–38
3rd (F4)   Budućnost 26–20
2017–18 Champions League
  Third place
Group Matches
(Group A)
  RK Krim 30–18 33–30 1st
  Nykøbing Falster H. 39–26 22–25
  GTPR Gdynia 34–22 34–23
Main Round
(Group 1)
  Győri ETO KC 28–22 24–28 3rd
  FC Midtjylland 29–24 31–26
  Rostov-Don 22–22 24–25
Quarter Final   Metz Handball 34–21 20–27 54–48
Semi Final (F4)   Győri ETO KC 20–26
3rd (F4)   Rostov-Don 31–30
2018–19 Champions League Group Matches
(Group D)
  Vipers Kristiansand 26–31 29–27 1st
  Ferencvárosi TC 36–31 34–28
  SG BBM Bietigheim 32–24 28–30
Main Round
(Group 2)
  Győri ETO KC 25–27 27–36 4th
  Krim Mercator 32–26 22–23
  Thüringer HC 23–23 38–30
Quarter Final   Metz Handball 26–31 22–23 48–54
2019–20 Champions League Group Matches
(Group B)
  Rostov-Don 23–23 22–23 3rd
  Team Esbjerg 21–25 24–22
  MKS Lublin 35–19 28–19
Main Round
(Group 1)
  Metz Handball 32–27 26–28 4th
  Vipers Kristiansand 28–22 25–23
  Ferencvárosi TC 27–24 23–33
Quarter Final   Győri Audi ETO KC Cancelled
2020–21 Champions League Group Matches
(Group A)
  Metz Handball 31–26 22–25 3rd
  Rostov-Don 22–27 10–0[nb 1]
  Vipers Kristiansand 22–29 25–30
  Team Esbjerg 28–26 30–29
  Ferencvárosi TC 25–19 27–31
  SG BBM Bietigheim 10–0[nb 1] 32–22
  RK Krim 22–22 25–23
Round of 16   SCM Râmnicu Vâlcea 33–24 21–27 54–51
Quarter-finals   CSKA Moscow 32–27 19–24 51–51(a)
2021–22 Champions League Group Matches
(Group A)
  Brest Bretagne Handball
  FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria
  Budućnost BEMAX
  BV Borussia 09 Dortmund
  Rostov-Don 27–30
  Team Esbjerg 21–22
  RK Podravka Koprivnica

Green – Win; Yellow – Draw; Red – Lost.

  1. ^ a b The matches could not be played and were assessed by the EHF.

Domestic competitionsEdit

League Romanian Cup Romanian Supercup
Season Division Pos Pld W D L GF GA Diff
2010–2011 Liga Națională   26 17 4 5 825 788 +37
2011–2012 Liga Națională 7th 26 12 1 13 730 749 -19
2012–2013 Liga Națională 8th 20 8 0 12 525 533 -8
2013–2014 Liga Națională 7th 22 11 1 10 531 538 -7
2014–2015 Liga Națională   26 24 0 2 771 553 +218   Finalist   Finalist
2015–2016 Liga Națională   26 25 0 1 816 584 +233   Winner   Winner
2016–2017 Liga Națională   22 21 0 1 680 478 +202   Winner   Winner
2017–2018 Liga Națională   26 2 0 1 821 573 +248   Winner   Finalist
2018–2019 Liga Națională   24 22 0 2 708 565 +143   Winner   Winner
2019–2020 Liga Națională   17 14 1 2 467 386 +81   Finalist
2020–2021 Liga Națională   28 26 1 1 839 625 +214   Finalist
Total 263 205 8 50 7713 6372 +1341

Pos – Position; Pld – Played; W – Won; D – Drawn; L – Lost; GF – Goals for; GA – Goals against; Diff – Difference.


Individual awards in the EHF Champions LeagueEdit

Season Player Award
2015–16   Isabelle Gulldén Top Scorer (108 goals)
  Jelena Grubišić Most Valuable Player
2016–17   Carmen Martín All–Star Team (Best Right Wing)
2017–18   Cristina Neagu Top Scorer (110 goals)
  Cristina Neagu All–Star Team (Best Left Back)
2018–19   Jovanka Radičević All-Star Team (Best Right Wing)
2019–20   Cristina Neagu All–Star Team (Best Left Back)
2020–21   Cristina Neagu All-Star Team (Best Left back)
Last updated on 1 June 2021


Period Coaches
June 2007 — February 2014   Vasile Mărgulescu
February 2014 — February 2014   Lucian Ghiulai
February 2014 — September 2015   Mette Klit
September 2015 — May 2016   Kim Rasmussen
May 2016 — November 2016   Jakob Vestergaard
November 2016 — April 2017   Aurelian Roșca
April 2017 — June 2017   Per Johansson
June 2017 — March 2018   Helle Thomsen
March 2018 — May 2018   Per Johansson
July 2018 — October 2018   Magnus Johansson
October 2018 — May 2019   Dragan Đukić
July 2019 — October 2019   Tomas Ryde
October 2019 — Present   Adrian Vasile

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