FC Rapid Ghidighici

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FC Rapid Ghidighici was a Moldovan football club based in Ghidighici, Chişinău, Moldova. They played in the Divizia Naţională, the top division in Moldovan football.

FC Rapid Ghidighici
FC Rapid Ghidighici.png
Full nameFotbal Club Rapid Ghidighici
2013–14Divizia Naţională, 9th of 12 (withdrew)


During the 2006–07 season of the Divizia A, the club, then known as CSCA Chişinău, won promotion to the Divizia Naţională by coming in third. The newly promoted club then become known as CSCA-Steaua Chişinău. In the summer of 2008, the club merged with an club then known as FC Rapid Ghidighici to create CSCA–Rapid Chişinău. Before the 2011/12 season, they changed their name to FC Rapid Ghidighici. They played until the autumn pause of the 2013/14 season of the First division of Moldova . After that, The Moldovan Football Federation Suspended Rapid Ghidighici from all football activities for 3 years.

Previous namesEdit

  • 1992 – foundation as CSA Victoria Cahul
  • 1998 – renamed CSA Victoria Chișinău
  • 2000 – renamed CSA ABV Chișinău
  • 2001 – renamed CSA Buiucani Chișinău
  • 2002 – renamed FCA Victoria Chișinău
  • 2005 – renamed CSCA-Agro Stauceni
  • 2006 – renamed CSCA Chișinău
  • 2007 – renamed CSCA-Steaua Chișinău
  • 2008 – merger with FC Rapid Ghidigici to CSCA-Rapid Chișinău
  • 2011 – renamed FC Rapid Ghidighici



Winners (1): 2003–04
Winners (1): 1993–94
Runner-up (1): 2011–12

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