CN Halton Subdivision

The CN Halton Subdivision is a major railway line in Southern Ontario.

The Halton Subdivision is owned and operated by the Canadian National Railway (CN), and was first constructed in the 1860s.

It runs from CN's MacMillan Yard in Vaughan, from where it continues as the CN York Subdivision, to its junction with the CN Oakville Subdivision in Burlington, Ontario. It passes through and services the York, Peel, and Halton Regions.

Major facilities include the Malport Freight Yard in Malton, the Brampton Intermodal Terminal in Brampton, the terminus of the Kitchener GO Train corridor and intersections with several other rail lines, including the Orangeville Brampton Railway.

It is Canada's fourth busiest rail line by volume of traffic.

Located next to the subdivision at 7 Blair Drive (former Debro Steel) is Alstom's final assembly plant for Alstom Citadis Spirit LRV for Finch West / Hurontario / Eglinton LRT lines.[1]


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