CEPT University, formerly the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, is an academic institution located near university area in Ahmedabad, India offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in areas of natural and developed environment of human society and related disciplines.[1]

CEPT University
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Motto in English
Knowledge with Science and Spirituality
TypePrivate University
PresidentBimal Patel
Location, ,
23°02′15″N 72°32′59″E / 23.03750°N 72.54972°E / 23.03750; 72.54972Coordinates: 23°02′15″N 72°32′59″E / 23.03750°N 72.54972°E / 23.03750; 72.54972
CampusKasturbhai Lalbhai Campus


The Centre for Environment Planning & Technology was established as the School of Architecture in 1962, by The Ahmedabad Education Society (AES), followed by the School of Planning, School of Building Science and Technology and School of Interior Design in 1972, 1982 and 1991 respectively, which were established with aid from the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the Government of Gujarat and the Ford Foundation.[2]

Until 2002 the institute was autonomous and awarded its own diplomas while being recognized by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). From 2002 to 2005 it was affiliated to Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University.[2] In 2005 it became a university through the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology University Act, 2005.[3] It was renamed "CEPT University" through CEPT University Act, 2010.[4]


College/school founding
Year founded

Faculty of Architecture
Faculty of Planning
Faculty of Technology
Faculty of Design
Faculty of Management

Faculty of ArchitectureEdit

The Faculty of Architecture was established as the 'School of Architecture' in 1962. It focuses on design in the private realm.[5]

Faculty of PlanningEdit

Faculty of Planning, CEPT University

The Faculty of Planning, focused on planning in the public realm, was established in 1972 as the 'School of Planning'.[6]

Faculty of TechnologyEdit

The Faculty of Technology, which concentrates on engineering and construction, was established in 1982 as the 'School of Building Science and Technology'.[7]

Faculty of DesignEdit

School of Design

The Faculty of Design was established in 1991 as the 'School of Interior Design'. It deals with habitat related interiors, crafts, systems, and products.

Faculty of ManagementEdit

The Faculty of Management was established in 2013 and it focuses on Habitat and Project Management.

Centres of studiesEdit

CEPT has established centres of study in the following areas:

  • CEPT Research & Development Foundation (CRDF)[8]
  • Center for Urban Equity (CUE)[9]
  • Center for Advanced Research in Building Science & Energy (CARBSE)[10]
  • Design Innovation & Craft Resource Center (DICRC)[11]
  • Center for Excellence in Urban Transport (CoE)[12]

Notable AlumniEdit


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