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CBC Arts is the division of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation responsible for creating and curating the best arts-related stories, videos and audio clips from across the CBC network and beyond. The division also produces multiple non-fiction series: Canada's a Drag, Canada In The Frame, The Collective, Crash Gallery, Exhibitionists, The Filmmakers, Interrupt This Program, and The Move.

CBC Arts
Department of the CBC
FoundedJuly 1, 2015
Area served
Specific services for Canada and rest of world
ServicesTelevision and digital services


CBC Arts has a mission to inspire Canadians to engage with the arts — whether that means visiting a gallery, checking out a play, joining a choir or picking up a good book. Their definition of "art" is expansive: from your local hip-hop cypher or yarn-bombing collective to fine art auctions and contemporary opera to the flowering of creativity on the web and social media — it's all fair game.


  • Grazyna Krupa, Executive in Charge of Production, ARTS, Unscripted
  • Andrew D'Cruz, Executive Producer
  • Romeo Candido, Producer
  • Peter Knegt, Writer/Producer
  • Mercedes Grundy, Producer
  • Lucius Dechausay, Videographer
  • Leah Collins, Writer
  • Lise Hosein, Producer
  • Amanda Parris, Host

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