Củ Chi district

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Củ Chi is a rural district of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Củ Chi district
Huyện Củ Chi
Position in metropolitan area of HCMC
Position in metropolitan area of HCMC
Củ Chi district is located in Vietnam
Củ Chi district
Củ Chi district
Coordinates: 11°02′17″N 106°30′20″E / 11.03806°N 106.50556°E / 11.03806; 106.50556
Country Vietnam
Centrally governed cityHo Chi Minh City
SeatQuarter 7, Củ Chi Town
Divisions1 township, 20 communes
 • Total435 km2 (168 sq mi)
 • Total403,038
 • Density930/km2 (2,400/sq mi)
 • Main ethnic groupspredominantly Kinh
Time zoneUTC+07 (ICT)

Etymology Edit

The Vietnamese word Củ Chi ([kʊw˨˩˦ cɪj˧˧], koo-kee) is derived from the old Mon-Khmer words Tonle Sre (ទន្លេស្រែ, "river of rice-field") or Sre (ស្រែ "rice field").[citation needed]

History Edit

During the Vietnam War from 1967, Củ Chi Base Camp served as base for the 269th Aviation Battalion of the United States Army.

It is famous for its Củ Chi tunnels, which were constructed during the Vietnam War, and served as headquarters for the Viet Cong. Today, the district has many industrial zones.

As of 2010, the district had a population of 355,822. It covers an area of 435 km².[1] The district capital lies at Củ Chi Town.

Administration Edit

The district consists of 1 town, Củ Chi Town (also the district capital), and 20 communes:

  • Communes:
  • Phú Hòa Đông
  • Tân Thạnh Đông
  • Tân Thạnh Tây
  • Tân An Hội
  • Tân Thông Hội
  • Trung An
  • Phước Vĩnh An
  • Hòa Phú
  • Thái Mỹ
  • Phước Thạnh
  • An Phú
  • Trung Lập Thượng
  • Nhuận Đức
  • Phạm Văn Cội
  • Bình Mỹ
  • Phước Hiệp
  • Trung Lập Hạ
  • Tân Phú Trung
  • Phú Mỹ Hưng
  • An Nhơn Tây

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References Edit

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