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Byron usually refers to the English poet and writer George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron (1788–1824), commonly known as Lord Byron.

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  • Byron (name), including lists of people and fictional characters with the surname or given name


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  • Byron Sound, Falkland Islands
  • Byron, Ontario, Canada, a neighbourhood of the city of London
  • Byron Point, on the north shore of Drury Inlet on the Central Coast of British Columbia, Canada


  • Byron, a schooner built about 1849 and sunk in Lake Michigan in 1867 - see Byron shipwreck
  • SS Byron, an ocean liner built in 1914 as Vasilefs Constantinos, renamed Byron in 1924 and scrapped in 1937
  • HMS Byron, a frigate built in 1943 and scrapped in 1947

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  • Byron (play), a 1908 play by British writer Alicia Ramsey about Lord Byron
  • Byron (TV film), a 2003 BBC production based on Lord Byron's life
  • Byron (band), a Romanian alternative/progressive rock band

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