ByKolles Racing

ByKolles Racing, formally known as Kodewa GmbH & Co. KG, is an auto racing team based in Greding, Germany. It was founded in 2000 by Romulus Kolles and his son Colin Kolles as Kolles Racing.

ByKolles Racing
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Team principal(s)Colin Kolles
Romulus Kolles
Current seriesFIA World Endurance Championship
Former seriesGerman Formula Three Championship
Formula 3 Euro Series
Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters
European Le Mans Series
Noted driversGermany Thomas Holzer
Germany Mirco Schultis
Italy Luca Moro
Italy Vitantonio Liuzzi
United States Kevin Weeda
Netherlands Renger van der Zande
United Kingdom James Rossiter


The company initially participated in German Formula 3 before moving to the F3 Euro Series from 2003 to 2005. Colin Kolles left the team to become director of the Jordan Grand Prix Formula One team at the start of the 2005 season, a position he held until 2009. With his son away, Romulus moved the team to the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters series with Audi under the sponsorship title Futurecom TME. The Kolles team shifted their interest to sports car racing by participating in the Le Mans Series and later the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup, again with customer Audi prototypes. Kolles returned to Formula One to helm the HRT F1 team in 2010, with Kodewa's workshop in Greding serving as a base of operations for the new team before HRT's new owners chose to release Kolles from the team and move their operations to Spain in 2012.

Kodewa participated in the 2013 FIA World Endurance Championship with the backing of Lotus Cars under the title Lotus LMP2. In 2014 they lost their Lotus backing and rebranded as ByKolles Racing with a new LMP1 prototype, the CLM P1/01.[1]

In 2017 Robert Kubica was set to return to active racing again in the ByKolles car for the WEC season.[2] Eventually in April he withdrew from the team.[3]

Former Caterham F1 boss Manfredi Ravetto will be joining the ByKolles team from 2018. [4]


German Formula Three Championship resultsEdit

Year Teamname Car Engine Driver Races Points Pos.
2000 AIL Team Kolles Racing F300 Mugen-Honda   Elran Nijenhuis 14 18 18th
  Andreas Feichtner 4 4 24th
  Peter Sundberg 10 4 25th
  Marc Hynes 2 0 NC
2001 Team Kolles Racing F300 Mugen-Honda   Pierre Kaffer 20 156 4th
  Kimmo Liimatainen 20 25 16th
2002 Team Kolles Racing F302 Mugen-Honda   João Paulo de Oliveira 14 16 12th
  Charles Zwolsman Jr. 10 8 15th
  Ross Zwolsman 10 0 21st
  Sakon Yamamoto 6 0 22nd
F399   Stefano Proetto 14 0 30th

Formula 3 Euro Series resultsEdit

Year Teamname Car Engine Driver Races Points Pos.
2003 Kolles F303 Mercedes   Charles Zwolsman Jr. 20 7 19th
F302   Jamie Green 6 6 20th
  Jan Heylen 14 0 28th
2004 Team Kolles F303 Mercedes   Adrian Sutil 18 9 17th
  Maximilian Götz 2 3 19th
F302   Tom Kimber-Smith 20 2 20th
2009 Kolles & Heinz Union F309 Volkswagen   Robert Wickens 4 0 22nd
  Johan Jokinen 18 0 24th
  Nick Tandy 16 0 28th
  Carlo van Dam 4 0 31st
  Edoardo Mortara 2 0 NC

Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters resultsEdit

Year Teamname Car Driver Races Points Pos.
2006 Futurecom TME Audi A4 DTM 2004   Vanina Ickx 10 0 19th
  Jeroen Bleekemolen 2 0 20th
  Olivier Tielemans 3 0 21st
  Thed Björk 2 0 22nd
  Nicolas Kiesa 3 0 23rd
2007 Futurecom TME Audi A4 DTM 2005   Adam Carroll 5 0 18th
  Markus Winkelhock 5 0 19th
  Vanina Ickx 10 0 21st
2008 Futurecom TME Audi A4 DTM 2006   Christijan Albers 11 0 19th
  Katherine Legge 11 0 21st
2009 Kolles Futurecom Audi A4 DTM 2007   Tomáš Kostka 10 0 17th
  Christian Bakkerud 9 0 19th
  Johannes Seidlitz 8 0 20th

Le Mans Series resultsEdit

Year Teamname Car Engine Driver Races Points Pos.
2009   Kolles Audi R10 TDI Audi TDI 5.5 L Turbo V12 (Diesel)   Charles Zwolsman Jr. 5 12 7th
  Andrew Meyrick 5
  Narain Karthikeyan 4
  Michael Krumm 1
  Christijan Albers 5 6 10h
  Christian Bakkerud 5
  Giorgio Mondini 3

FIA World Endurance Championship resultsEdit

Year Teamname Car Engine Class Tyre Driver Races Points Pos.
2012   Lotus Lola B12/80 Lotus (Judd) 3.6 L V8 LMP2 D   Thomas Holzer 8 32 8th
  Mirco Schultis 7
  Luca Moro 4
  Renger van der Zande 1
  Christijan Albers 1
  Luca Moro 1 N/A NC
  Kevin Weeda 6
  James Rossiter 6
  Vitantonio Liuzzi 4
  Jan Charouz 1
2013   Lotus Lotus T128 Praga (Judd) LMP2 D   Kevin Weeda 8 11 8th
  Vitantonio Liuzzi 6
  Christophe Bouchut 4
  James Rossiter 4
  Lucas Auer 8
  Thomas Holzer 8 37 7th
  Dominik Kraihamer 8
  Jan Charouz 8
2014   Lotus CLM P1/01 AER P60 Turbo V6 LMP1-L M   James Rossiter 2 33 3rd
  Christophe Bouchut 2
  Lucas Auer 3
  Pierre Kaffer 4
  Simon Trummer 1
  Nathanaël Berthon 1
2015   Team ByKolles CLM P1/01 AER P60 2.4 L Turbo V6 LMP1 M   Simon Trummer 8 104 3rd
  Vitantonio Liuzzi 2
  Christian Klien 2
  Tiago Monteiro 1
  Pierre Kaffer 6
2016   ByKolles Racing Team CLM P1/01 AER P60 2.4 L Turbo V6 LMP1 D   Simon Trummer 9 109 2nd
  Oliver Webb 9
  James Rossiter 2
  Pierre Kaffer 6
2017   ByKolles Racing Team ENSO CLM P1/01 Nismo VRX30A 3.0 L Turbo V6 LMP1 M   Oliver Webb 4 N/A NC
  Dominik Kraihamer 4
  James Rossiter 2
  Marco Bonanomi 4
2018-2019   ByKolles Racing Team ENSO CLM P1/01 Nismo VRX30A 3.0 L Turbo V6 LMP1 M   Oliver Webb 5 22 4th
  Tom Dillmann 4
  Dominik Kraihamer 2
  René Binder 1
  James Rossiter 2

Le Mans 24 Hours ResultEdit

Year Drivers Car Qualification Result Laps
2009   Narain Karthikeyan Audi R10 TDI 14 7th 369
  Charles Zwolsman Jr.
  André Lotterer
  Christian Bakkerud Audi R10 TDI 13 9th 360
  Christijan Albers
  Giorgio Mondini
2010   Scott Tucker Audi R10 TDI 12 DNF (39) 182
  Manuel Rodrigues
  Christophe Bouchut
  Christian Bakkerud Audi R10 TDI 13 DNF (32) 331
  Christijan Albers
  Oliver Jarvis
2012   Thomas Holzer Lola B12/80 31 DNF 155
  Mirco Schultis
  Luca Moro
2013   Kevin Weeda Lotus T128 24 DNF 17
  James Rossiter
  Christophe Bouchut
  Thomas Holzer Lotus T128 23 DNF 219
  Dominik Kraihamer
  Jan Charouz
2015   Simon Trummer ByKolles CLM P1/01 11 DSQ 260
  Pierre Kaffer
  Tiago Monteiro
2016   Simon Trummer ByKolles CLM P1/01 9 DNF 206
  Pierre Kaffer
  Oliver Webb
2017   Dominik Kraihamer ByKolles ENSO CLM P1/01 6 DNF 7
  Oliver Webb
  Marco Bonanomi
2018   Oliver Webb ByKolles ENSO CLM P1/01 8 DNF 65
  Tom Dillmann
  Dominik Kraihamer
2019   Tom Dillmann ByKolles ENSO CLM P1/01 8 DNF 163
  Oliver Webb
  Paolo Ruberti
2020   Tom Dillmann ByKolles ENSO CLM P1/01 5 DNF 97
  Oliver Webb
  Bruno Spengler


The series in which the team competed are listed:

Current series
FIA World Endurance Championship 2012–2018
Former series
German Formula Three Championship 2000–2002
Formula 3 Euro Series 2003–2004, 2009
Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters 2006–2009
Le Mans Series 2009


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