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BuzzFeed Unsolved (also known as simply Unsolved) is an American documentary entertainment television series created and produced by Ryan Bergara. It first aired on YouTube on February 4, 2016, and has run for five seasons.[2][3] The show currently airs on its own channel called the Buzzfeed Unsolved Network.[4]

BuzzFeed Unsolved
Also known asUnsolved
GenreFactual television
Created byRyan Bergara
Written byRyan Bergara
StarringRyan Bergara
Shane Madej
Theme music composerAudio Network
Warner Chappell Music
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasonsTrue Crime: 5
Supernatural: 5
No. of episodesTrue Crime: 47
Supernatural: 43
Executive producer(s)Matthew Henick[1]
Producer(s)Ryan Bergara
Editor(s)Anthony Frederick
Steven Castro
Mike Reilly
Grant Henderson
Devlin McClusky[1]
Production company(s)BuzzFeed
BuzzFeed Multiplayer
Original networkYouTube
Original releaseFebruary 4, 2016 (2016-02-04) –
present (present)

BuzzFeed Unsolved follows Ryan Bergara and co-host Shane Madej who discuss unsolved crimes, haunted places, alleged demonic possessions, and historical occurrences. While the topics of discussion are often morbid, most episodes are presented in some form of a comedic manner.[5] The show is filmed primarily in Los Angeles with some episodes having parts filmed across the U.S and even some in other countries such as the United Kingdom and Mexico.

The show has also become a rating hit for BuzzFeed, regularly featuring as one of the network's most-watched shows. Prior to the premiere of the eighth season, BuzzFeed renewed the show for a ninth season, which aired in late 2018.[6] A tenth season premiered in March 2019, with an eleventh season to begin in September 2019.

The show's success has also spawned a spin-off dedicated to sports, which airs on Facebook Watch. Bergara and Zack Evans host the series.[7]


The Buzzfeed Unsolved: True Crime and Supernatural shows are currently co-hosted by Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej. Madej took over from the original co-host, Brent Bennett, in late 2016.[5][8] The greatest difference between Bennett and Madej lay in their responses to Bergara's theories: unlike Bennett, who would humor Bergara, Madej stands firm as a skeptic; this stark dichotomy proved the missing piece of the puzzle for the show.[9]

The contrast between Bergara's belief in conspiracies and the paranormal versus Madej's skepticism provides the majority of the dialogue.[10][8] Bergara strongly believes in otherworldly spirits like ghosts or poltergeists, and frequently defends the existence of these throughout the series. However, Bergara shows reluctance towards things such as Bigfoot and sometimes aliens. Madej is a true skeptic of all that is non-scientific and constantly provides comedic relief toward spiritual encounters; however, he sometimes regards Bigfoot and aliens as somewhat realistic or grounded in reality.[6]

Other important members of the main Unsolved crew include TJ Marchbank, 1st AD, Devon Joralmon, line producer, and cameraman Mark Celestino. Due to the shows growth in popularity, Bergara works with a number of individuals to propose cases and if the show is capable of covering them, while Madej is kept out of the process to give a more fresh perspective.[11]


In BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural Season 4 Ancient Aliens contributor Giorgio Tsoukalos was featured in the discussion about a potential UFO sighting.[12] A recurring guest on the show, in person and by mentions is a "Vatican approved exorcist" Father Gary Thomas, who counsels the hosts how to and how not to approach the entities.[6] Ricky Goldsworth, Ryan's serial killer alter ego, sometimes emerges during the episodes.


The episodes are normally filmed as the two hosts at a desk, with Bergara presenting Madej and the audience with either a True Crime case or a Paranormal case with the use of stock photo visual aids and other visuals. In some cases the two hosts and other crew members travel to investigate the locations, although this method is primarily used for the Supernatural episodes.[13] The two aim to create an "everyman approach" in discussing the cases with the use of humor in an effort to balance the tone between dark and goofy.[11]


BuzzFeed Unsolved – True CrimeEdit

Season 1Edit

# Episode Published
1 The Mysterious Death of the Somerton Man February 4, 2016
2 The Horrifying Unsolved Slaughter at Hinterkaifeck Farm February 20, 2016
3 The Bizarre Death of Elisa Lam March 18, 2016
4 The Chilling Mystery of the Black Dahlia April 1, 2016
5 The Strange Deaths of the 9 Hikers of Dyatlov Pass April 15, 2016
6 The Mysterious Death of Tupac Shakur - Part 1 May 20, 2016
7 The Mysterious Death of Biggie Smalls - Part 2 May 27, 2016
8 The Horrifying Murders of the Zodiac Killer June 24, 2016
9 The Mysterious Disappearance of the Sodder Children December 23, 2016
10 The Odd Death of Michelle Von Emster January 27, 2017
11 The Shocking Case of O. J. Simpson March 4, 2017
12 The Strange Disappearance of D. B. Cooper March 10, 2017

Season 2Edit

# Episode Published
1 The Terrifying Axeman of New Orleans July 28, 2017
2 The Mysterious Death of the Boy in the Box August 4, 2017
3 The Bizarre Road Trip of a Missing Family August 11, 2017
4 The Tragic Murder of JonBenét Ramsey August 18, 2017
5 The Odd Vanishing of Amelia Earhart August 25, 2017
6 The Creepy Murder in Room 1046 September 1, 2017
7 The Strange Drowning of Natalie Wood September 8, 2017
8 The Mysterious Poisoned Pill Murders September 15, 2017
9 The Disturbing Murders at Keddie Cabin September 22, 2017
10 The Suspicious Assassination of JFK September 29, 2017

Season 3Edit

# Episode Published
1 The Grisly Murders of Jack the Ripper January 26, 2018
2 The Thrilling Gardner Museum Heist February 2, 2018
3 The Ghastly Cleveland Torso Murders February 9, 2018
4 The Enigmatic Death of the Isdal Woman February 16, 2018
5 The Strange Killing of Ken Rex McElroy February 23, 2018
6 The Scandalous Murder of William Desmond Taylor March 2, 2018
7 The Historic Disappearance of Louis Le Prince March 9, 2018
8 The Disturbing Mystery of the Jamison Family March 16, 2018

Season 4Edit

# Episode Published
1 The Sinister Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa July 13, 2018
2 The Bizarre Collar Bomb Bank Robbery July 20, 2018
3 The Mysterious Death Of The Eight Day Bride July 27, 2018
4 The Incredible Alcatraz Prison Break August 3, 2018
5 The Covert Poisoning of an Ex-Russian Spy August 10, 2018
6 The Odd Death of Charles C. Morgan August 17, 2018
7 The Bizarre Disappearance of Bobby Dunbar August 24, 2018
8 The Treacherous Treasure Hunt of Forrest Fenn September 7, 2018
9 The Chilling Black Dahlia Murder Revisited January 11, 2019

Season 5Edit

# Episode Published
1 The Eerie Case of the Watcher March 22, 2019
2 The Unusual Australian Shark Arm Murders March 29, 2019
3 The Suspicious Case of the Reykjavik Confessions April 5, 2019
4 The Unexplained Murder of Bugsy Siegel April 12, 2019
5 The Horrifying Texarkana Phantom Killer April 19, 2019
6 The Shocking Florida Machete Murder April 26, 2019
7 The Puzzling Disappearance of Walter Collins May 3, 2019
8 The Curious Death of Vincent Van Gogh May 10, 2019

BuzzFeed Unsolved – SupernaturalEdit

Season 1Edit

# Episode Published
1 The Creepy Real-Life "Men In Black" April 29, 2016
2 The Secret Society Of The Illuminati July 29, 2016
3 3 Horrifying Cases Of Ghosts and Demons October 26, 2016
4 The Chilling Exorcism Of Anneliese Michel November 12, 2016
5 The Bizarre Toxic Death of Gloria Ramirez December 3, 2016
6 The Spirits Of The Whaley House January 13, 2017
7 The Haunted Decks of the Queen Mary February 17, 2017

Season 2Edit

# Episode Published
1 The Ghosts And Demons Of Bobby Mackey's April 7, 2017
2 The Harrowing Hunt For Bigfoot April 14, 2017
3 3 Real-Life Creepy Cases Of Ancient Aliens April 21, 2017
4 The Haunted Halls Of Waverly Hills Hospital April 28, 2017
5 The Strangest Disappearances In The Bermuda Triangle May 5, 2017
6 The Murders That Haunt The Lizzie Borden House May 12, 2017
7 The Spontaneous Human Combustion Of Mary Reeser May 19, 2017
8 The Haunting Of The Salem Witch Trials May 26, 2017
9 The Haunted Quarters Of The Dauphine Orleans Hotel June 2, 2017
10 The Bizarre Voodoo World Of New Orleans June 9, 2017

Season 3Edit

# Episode Published
1 The Ghost Town At Vulture Mine October 13, 2017
2 Three Bizarre Cases Of Alien Abductions October 20, 2017
3 The Captive Spirits Of Eastern State Penitentiary October 27, 2017
4 The Demonic Goatman's Bridge November 3, 2017
5 The Horrors Of Pennhurst Asylum November 10, 2017
6 Roswell's Bizarre UFO Crash November 17, 2017
7 The Mysterious Disappearance Of The Roanoke Colony November 24, 2017
8 London's Haunted Viaduct Tavern December 1, 2017
9 The Chilling Chambers of Colchester Castle December 8, 2017
10 The Subterranean Terrors of the London Tombs December 15, 2017

Season 4Edit

# Episode Published
1 The Search for the Mysterious Mothman April 20, 2018
2 The Shadowy Spirits of Rolling Hills Asylum April 27, 2018
3 The Demonic Bellaire House May 4, 2018
4 The Phantom Prisoners of Ohio State Penitentiary May 11, 2018
5 The Unexplained Phoenix Lights Phenomenon May 18, 2018
6 The Spirits of Moon River Brewing May 25, 2018
7 The Horrifying Sorrel-Weed Haunted Mansion June 1, 2018
8 The Mystical Villa Montezuma Mansion June 8, 2018

Season 5Edit

# Episode Published
1 Return To The Horrifying Winchester Mansion October 19, 2018
2 The Demon Priest of Mission Solano October 26, 2018
3 The Terrors of Yuma Territorial Prison November 2, 2018
4 3 Videos From The Pentagon's Secret UFO Program November 9, 2018
5 The Haunted Town Of Tombstone November 16, 2018
6 The Haunting of Hannah Williams November 23, 2018
7 The Hunt for La Llorona - The Weeping Woman April 4, 2019
8 The Demonic Curse of Annabelle the Doll June 28, 2019

Spin-offs and SpecialsEdit

BuzzFeed Unsolved – Sports ConspiraciesEdit

# Episode Published
1 The Mysterious Retirement of Michael Jordan December 14, 2017
2 Patrick Ewing and the Frozen Envelope December 21, 2017
3 The Strange Case of Deflategate December 28, 2017
4 Muhammad Ali and the Phantom Punch January 4, 2018
5 The Notorious Game 6 of Lakers vs. Kings January 11, 2018

Holiday SpecialsEdit

# Episode Published
1 The Legend of Krampus December 17, 2017
2 Hey There Demons, It's A Spooky Yule Log December 17, 2018


# Episode Published
1 Unsolved Almost 70th Episode Retrospective July 15, 2018


# Episode Published
1 The Try Guys Sleep In A Fan's Haunted Bedroom • The Try Vlog (feat. BuzzFeed Unsolved) September 30, 2017
2 Ryan And Shane Make Each Other In The Sims 4 June 9, 2018
3 Ryan & Shane Choose A Fan's Haunted House • The Sims 4 June 26, 2018
4 Shane Controls His Friend's Life In The Sims 4 • Ryan August 4, 2018
5 Ryan And Shane Try To Make Apple Taters August 5, 2018
6 We Styled Ryan & Shane • Ladylike August 8, 2018
7 Ryan Control's His Friend's Life in The Sims 4 • Shane August 11, 2018
8 Ryan & Shane Seduce A Ghost In The Sims 4 August 18, 2018
9 Shane and Ryan Try To Kill The Try Guys In The Sims 4 August 25, 2018
10 Worth It Meets Unsolved In The Sims 4 November 17, 2018

The Hot DagaEdit

The "Hot Daga" is an animated mini show series shown at the end of Post Mortem episodes, created, written, and narrated by host Shane Madej. The first episode of the Hot Daga Saga began at the end of the Post Mortem episode "The Boy in the Box - Q+A".[14] Although at the beginning of episodes, Madej jokes that the show is commissioned by his co-host Ryan Bergara, Bergara is infamously not a fan of the series. However, Bergara listens to the show as it is narrated to the audience.

Notable characters include Pam, the evil hotdog witch, Gene, the french fries, Maizie, a hologram lesbian corn, and the Plupples (fruits that are like peaches, but sexier and blue). Another character, Dr. Ernesto Gordon Goondis, is voiced by Bergara through Madej's splicing of many of his dialogues from Unsolved and connecting them to create the voice of the character. The series originated when Madej jokingly wanted a skateboarding hot dog at the end of a Q + A episode, and it has grown to multiple mini-episodes and musical numbers.


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