Butler Amusements

Butler Amusements is a company that supplies rides, games, food, and beverages to various state and local fairs on the west coast of the United States.[1]

Butler Amusements
Founded1960; 61 years ago (1960)
FounderGeorge "Bud" Butler
United States
Area served
West Coast of the United States
Key people
Mick Brajevich (CEO)
Productsamusement rides, food, beverages, carnival games,


In 1960 George "Bud" Butler started collecting games and rides with his son Earl "Butch" Butler, in 1972 they owned 8 rides which increased to 13 by 1973. They owned 130 rides by 1996.[2] On December 21, 2011 Earl "Butch" Butler died making Mick Brajevich the current CEO.[3]


During the 1998 New Mexico State Fair a missing bolt caused a car in the Cliffhanger ride to fly off and crash into the ground.[4] On August 30, 2013 a 38-year-old employee working at the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, Washington was arrested on an outstanding warrant for forgery and possession of child pornography.[5]


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