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Bust of Lenin is sculptural image of Vladimir Lenin placed in 1978 in front of the building of Taganrog's city administration.[1]

Бюст Ленина (Таганрог)
Native name
Russian: Бюст Ленина (Таганрог)
Bust of Lenin (Taganrog) is located in Russia
Bust of Lenin (Taganrog)
Location of Бюст Ленина (Таганрог) in Russia
LocationAzov, Rostov oblast Russia
ArchitectB.A Plenkin

The monumentEdit

Bust of Lenin was established in front of building of the Taganrog city administration (Petrovskaya St. 73) which was built in 1978. Sculptor is Plenkin, the architect is Cerkovnikov.[2]


On 17 December 2013 an initiative of the main architect of Taganorg, Olga Sherbakova, for accommodation stela “City of military glory” (Стела «Город воинской славы» (Таганрог) [ru]) in the Petrovskaya street in front of building of Taganrog administration was presented to the committee of architecture and urban planning and economical policy.

In the February 2014 was announced that urban planning city committee and main architect Olga Scherbakova made premilinarty decision about stela's accommodation beside building of Taganrog administration. In this regard destiny of Lenin's bust remained under the question.

In August 2014 citizens were amazed by method which administration used to fix cladding of pedestal. The granite slabs on the postament was consolidated with stationery scotch.


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