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Business routes of Interstate 5 exist in both California and Washington. There are no business routes in Oregon as that state does not assign such designations for any of its highways. However, Oregon Route 99 essentially acts as a business route for most of Oregon, along with Oregon Route 99W and Oregon Route 99E

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Interstate business routes in California are assigned by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), but are not maintained by Caltrans unless they overlay other routes of the state highway system. Local authorities may request route assignment from the Caltrans Transportation System Information Program, and all requests require approval of the executive committee of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).[1]

National CityEdit


Interstate 5 Business

LocationNational City, California

Business Loop 5 was a business route of I-5 in San Ysidro, National City, and Chula Vista, California. Business Loop 5 followed the original routing of U.S. Route 101 along Beyer Boulevard, Broadway, Harbor Drive, and Pacific Highway. The route terminated at I-5 at both ends.

The designation was assigned in the 1960s and removed in the 1990s.

San DiegoEdit


Interstate 5 Business

LocationSan Diego, California

Business Loop 5 was a business route of I-5 in San Diego, California. Business Loop 5 followed the original routing of U.S. Route 101 along Mission Bay Drive and terminated at I-5 at both ends. The designation was removed in late 2004 and early 2005.

Solana BeachEdit

San ClementeEdit



Interstate 5 Business

LocationIrvine, California

Business Spur 5 is a business route of I-5, starting at Interstate 5 in Irvine and ending at Barranca Parkway in Irvine, traveling via Jamboree Road. The Spur intersects with California State Route 261 adjacent to the northern terminus of the Spur.[citation needed]

San Fernando RoadEdit

San Fernando Road was a Business Loop of I-5 in Glendale, Burbank, and the San Fernando Valley in the 1970s. Prior to the construction of I-5, San Fernando Road was an alignment of U.S. Routes 6 and 99.




Interstate 5 Business

LocationWoodland, California

In Woodland it begins at Interstate 5 Exit 537, runs west on Main Street (County Route 22), and then north on Pedrick Street (California State Route 16 (SR 16), County Route E7 (CR E7), County 98) to exit 540.[2]



Interstate 5 Business

LocationArbuckle, California

At a mere 1.1 miles long, Business Loop 5 in Arbuckle begins at Interstate 5 Exit 566, an interchange with no northbound re-entry. The route runs seamlessly north from the off-ramp to Fifth Street through downtown Arbuckle, then turns west onto Freeway Underpass Road to Exit 567, while Fifth Street continues north as Frontage Road (Colusa CR 99W). Both interchanges are signed for "Frontage Road."

Williams and MaxwellEdit


Interstate 5 Business

LocationWilliams-Maxwell, California

In Williams it begins at Interstate 5 Exit 575, runs north on Husted Road, and then northwest onto Frontage Road and Old Highway 99W, which runs along the west side of a former Southern Pacific Railroad line, now part of Union Pacific Railroad. Within downtown Williams, the route takes a reverse curve away from the tracks into Seventh Street where it intersects California State Route 20 Business but then returns to its previous trajectory before running under a bridge for California State Route 20, which has one connecting road between the two routes on the northwest corner. North of Williams, the route passes through the unincorporated community of Cortena, where it shifts from northwest to north. Entering Maxwell the road makes another slight shift away from the former SP line, but not as far away as in Downtown Williams. It intersects Oak Street and Maxwell-Colusa Road (the main west–east road in Maxwell), and then shifts back to its previous trajectory at a mobile home park north of North Street. BL-5 continues along the west side of the tracks until ending at a half-diamond interchange with I-5 with only southbound off-ramp and northbound on-ramp at Exit 588. Old Highway 99W simply continues northward as Colusa CR 99W.

Willows and OrlandEdit


Interstate 5 Business

LocationWillows-Orland, California

One of the longer business loops is the 20.7-mile (33.3 km) Business Loop 5 that runs between Willows and Orland, though most of the signage is as Historic Highway 99W. The route begins at Exit 601 on County Road 57 and turns east. The segment is merely 400 feet from the northbound on-ramp[3] before turning north onto Old Highway 99W, running along the west side of the same Union Pacific Railroad line mentioned in Williams and Maxwell. The route follows the historic US highway past a bridge over a canal where it becomes South Tehama Street, and then North Tehama Street at the intersection with West and East Sycamore Avenues. At the intersection of West and East Wood Street (a.k.a.; Biggs-Willows Road) is California State Route 162, he first major intersection with the business route and the only one in Willows outside of its southern terminus. North of CA 162, the North Tehama Street name fades away as route makes a slight northeast curve where it crosses a railroad spur leading to a Johns Manville insulation plant, and then curves back north again running closer to that UP line.

Leaving Willows, BL 5 passes through farmland, interrupted briefly by communities like Bluegum, where it curves away from the tracks to run along Walker Creek, only to cross a bridge over that creek and resumes hugging the side of the tracks again. The next community is Artois, where it moves northwest further away from the old SP line than it was in Willows, but still turns back north again. Continuing its journey through rural Glenn County, BL 5 passes through Grapit, then crosses a bridge over another canal to enter Greenwood. The route begins moving closer through the tracks as it continues through rural land, and returns to the tracks after CR 20. The road returns to more rural setting as it enters Orland where it becomes Sixth Street, and edges away from the tracks for local buildings on the east side. The intersection of Newville Road and Walker Street is where BL 5 encounters California State Route 32. Two blocks later, the road hugs the side of the tracks again, and the road runs under an arch at a short bridge over the Stony Creek Irrigation Canal immediately south of the intersection with Almond Way. The tracks curve to the northeast away from the route just before the bridge over Hambright Creek where the road enters Wyo and then runs over a longer bridge over Stony Creek After passing County Road 9 then County Road 8 on the east side, the business route turns left onto County Road 7, while the former US 99W continues northward as "Highway 99W." Approximately 0.4 miles west of there[4] Business Loop 5 ends Exit 621 on I-5.

Red BluffEdit


Interstate 5 Business

LocationRed Bluff, California

The 4.2-mile (6.8 km) long, Business Loop 5 in Red Bluff has historically been part of both U.S. Route 99 as well as US Business Route 99. It begins on Interstate 5 at Exit 647 (Exit 647A southbound). The route runs along South Main Street (County Route A8), on the west side of an old Union Pacific Railroad line until after the intersection with the driveway to Red Bluff Shopping Center where it curves to the northeast and crosses under a trestle for that line. The route maintains that northeastern trajectory until just before it crosses a bridge over Reeds Creek, where the name changes to Main Street.

At Oak Street and Antelope Boulevard, BL-5 is joined by an overlap with California State Route 36. Two blocks north of there, northbound BL-5 and westbound CA 36 has an intersection with Walnut Street (County Route A7) the road that leads to Shasta College. Less than three blocks later, the backyard of businesses along the east side is a bend in the Sacramento River, and BL-5 and CA 36 curve to the northeast just north of that bend at Dog Island Park. The routes run parallel to the former SP line again, but this time on the west side before approaching the intersection with Adobe Road. The northern terminus of CA 36 ends where that route heads west towards Fortuna, just before the bridge over Dibble Creek. The last intersection with both directions of BL-5 is with Hess Road just before the route approaches the flyover interchange with I-5 at Exit 651, which contains a southbound off-ramp and northbound on-ramp. The last intersection for northbound BL-5 is with Via Del Roble just before the aforementioned on-ramp with I-5.


Anderson and ReddingEdit



Interstate 5 Business

LocationDunsmuir, California

Business Loop 5 is a 3.7-mile (6.0 km) business route of I-5 in Dunsmuir, California. Business Loop 5 followed the original routing of U.S. Route 99 along Dunsmuir Avenue at Exit 729 and Exit 732, but it also has an additional interchange at Exit 730, where it switches over from the east side of I-5 to the west side.

Route Description
BL-5 begins at a trumpet interchange at Dunsmuir Avenue. The first sites along the road are a gas station and convenience store, two motels and a self-storage facility. The route winds through the mountains of the southern outskirts of the city, passing by the Dunsmuir Lodge motel. Between the intersection with Katherine Street and Hill Street it runs along side the Dunsmuir Cemetery, officially entering the city limits halfway though. The route runs between Dunsmuir City Hall on the west side and Siskiyou County Sheriffs Office just before entering the Dunsmuir Historic Commercial District between Cedar and Spruce Streets.

Exit 730 is a partial diamond interchange on the northbound side where the off and on-ramps don't connect to one another, and a southbound right-in/right-out interchange with a wide gap between the two ramps divided by the Sacramento River as well as Tauhindauli Park. North of the southbound off-ramp with Exit 730, BL-5 moves closer to the southbound lanes of I-5 and runs beneath the south end of Siskiyou Avenue which contains a bridge over both Dunsmuir Avenue and I-5. Near a local road named Scarlet Way, the road moves away from the interstate with mostly residential wooded surroundings. Across from the Castle Rock Water Company, Dunsmuir Avenue becomes Mott Road with a parking lot for the Hedge Creek Falls Scenic Area, while BL-5 makes a right turn onto the north end of Siskiyou Avenue, and ends at a diamond interchange with I-5 at Exit 732.

Mount ShastaEdit


Interstate 5 Business

LocationMount Shasta, California

Business Loop 5 is a 3.8-mile (6.1 km) business route of I-5 in Mount Shasta, California. Business Loop 5 followed the original routing of U.S. Route 99 along South Mount Shasta Boulevard at Exit 737 (mixed with California State Highway 89 at Exit 736) and North Mount Shasta Boulevard at Exit 740. Many of the businesses along the route are Alpine and Scandinavian mountain-themed motels.

Route Description
Interstate Business Loop 5 begins at Exit 737 which has connecting ramps to and from Exit 736 (California State Highway 89). The first intersection along the road is with South Mount Shasta Boulevard, a frontage road connecting to CA 89, which also connects southbound drivers to northbound I-5 via CA 89. North of that intersection the street name for the business route is South Mount Shasta Boulevard, with remnants of the old road on the northeast corner of that intersection. The road starts out as a two-lane forest road, though sparse development begins to show up after the intersection with Church Street where the road turns straight north. At the Evergreen Lodge, the route curves to the northwest, where development can now be found on both sides. Though primarily consisting of commercial development including motels and restaurants, a few residences can also be seen along the road. The northwest trajectory continue through the intersection with Old McCloud Road then turns straight north at Ream Avenue replacing the trajectory for that street.

At a blinker light intersection with Mount Cloud Avenue and Chestnut Street, South Mount Shasta becomes North Mount Shasta and bends to the northwest again. The first intersection after this blinker light is West Lake Street (at City Hall) and East Lake Street, the former of which is County Road A10, a route that joins BL-95 for two blocks. The overlap ends at East Alma Street and CR A10 makes a right turn. It is here that the road runs parallel along the east side of a former Southern Pacific Railroad line, now part of Union Pacific Railroad, although it briefly moves away from the tracks between East Ivy Street and north of East Hinckley Street with the north end of Chestnut Street in between. Shortly after returning to the side of the tracks it encounters a railroad crossing of a spur leading to the south side of the mountain almost to McCloud. Shortly after passing by some industrial zoning, the remnant of an even older section of US 99 can be found at Ski Village Drive. After making a sharp curve to the west, the old section of US 99 is spotted again as Road Number 2M16, albeit cut off from BL 5 as a dead end street. The last intersection along the route is with Spring Hill Road, before BL-5 finally terminates at northbound I-5, while southbound BL-5 begins at a flyover interchange from Exit 740.



Interstate 5 Business

LocationWeed, California

See California State Route 265



Interstate 5 Business

LocationYreka, California

The 3.8-mile (6.1 km) long, Business Loop 5 in Yreka begins on Interstate 5 at Exit 773. It then overlaps with California State Route 3 along Main Street, another part of former U.S. Route 99. CA 3/BL 5 then turns east onto Montague Road to intersect with Interstate 5 at its Exit 776. BL 5 terminates at I-5 while CA 3 continues onto Montague.





Interstate 5 Business

LocationVancouver, Washington

Business Loop 5 was a business route of I-5 in Vancouver, Washington.

Castle RockEdit


Interstate 5 Business

LocationCastle Rock, Washington

Business Loop 5 is a business route of I-5 in Castle Rock, Washington. It is partially concurrent with State Route 411.



Interstate 5 Business

LocationChehalisCentralia, Washington

Business Loop 5 was a business route of I-5 from Chehalis to Centralia, Washington.

The route was originally composed of two partial loops connected by a center leg. Each loop served a city, with the northern loop serving Centralia and the southern loop serving Chehalis. These were posted following the elimination of the US Route 99 designation along most of the route in 1964. The business loop was removed in the 1970s, however in 1989 the Chehalis City Council voted to restore the southern half of the route, composing the center leg and Chehalis loop.[5] The Centralia City Council was also planning to take up the issue, however it is unclear whether a vote was held and signs were not restored to the northern half of the route. However, the Chehalis part of the business loop had its signage restored in 1989.

With signage replacements in the early 2000s, references to the route were not included on the I-5 guide signs for Exits 76, 79 or 82. By 2016, only the center leg was signed, however as stated it was no longer referenced on I-5's guide signs for Exit 79. The signage was removed completely in 2018 when the interchange with I-5 was reconstructed. In 2011, an editorial by local newspaper The Chronicle,[6] regarding declining business from travelers in Centralia and Chehalis, argued that the removal of I-5 Business signage from the freeway guide signs on I-5 had a detrimental effect on commerce.




Interstate 5 Business

LocationFederal Way, Washington

A section of former U.S. Route 99 from Fife to Midway (near Des Moines was signed as a business loop in 1962. It is now part of SR 99.


Everett and MarysvilleEdit


Interstate 5 Business

LocationMarysville, Washington



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