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Queen Elizabeth II riding Burmese during Trooping the Colour for the last time in 1986

Burmese (1962–1990), a black RCMP Police Service Horse (PSH) mare, was given to Queen Elizabeth II by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and ridden by the Queen for Trooping the Colour for eighteen consecutive years from 1969 to 1986. She was trained and presented by RCMP Staff Sergeant Fred Rasmussen in 1969.[1]

Royal ServiceEdit

The Queen on Burmese at Windsor in 1982, during a visit by Ronald Reagan, who was lent the 8-year-old gelding[2] Centenial for the occasion[3]

Burmese was foaled at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Remount Ranch at Fort Walsh, Saskatchewan. She was trained in Ottawa and in 1969 was presented to the Queen when members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police came to the UK to perform in the Royal Windsor Horse Show.[1]

The Queen was mounted on Burmese when six blank shots were fired during the 1981 birthday parade, on the way to Trooping the Colour.[4] Although the horse was startled, the Queen was able to bring her under control.

Burmese's last public appearance was at Trooping the Colour in 1986, after which she retired. She was not replaced, as the Queen decided to ride in a phaeton (carriage) and review the troops from a dais, rather than train a new charger.[5]

Queen Elizabeth II riding Burmese, statue in Regina, Saskatchewan

Burmese was put out to pasture at Windsor Castle's Park, where she died in 1990.

PSH Burmese was followed by PSH Centenial, presented to The Queen in 1973 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the RCMP (the spelling of "Centenial" was changed by the Queen from the original spelling of "Centennial"[6]); and PSH Saint James, in 1998, to mark the RCMP's 125th anniversary. In 2002, The Queen presented the RCMP with PSH Golden Jubilee in honour of her Golden Jubilee year.[1]

Both Burmese and Centenial were trained for the Queen by RCMP Staff Sergeant Fred Rasmussen.

Statue of BurmeseEdit

During Saskatchewan's centennial in 2005, the Queen unveiled a bronze statue in front of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building in Regina, Canada, where she is depicted atop Burmese.[7] The statue was sculpted by Saskatchewan artist Susan Velder.

Naming of BurmeseEdit

An RCMP spokesperson said the name "Burmese" originally refers to citizens of modern-day Burma. However, the rationale of giving such a name was not explicitly mentioned.[citation needed]

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