Burchard of Würzburg

Burchard of Würzburg (in German Burkard or Burkhard) was an Anglo-Saxon missionary who became the first Bishop of Würzburg (741–751).

Saint Burchard of Würzburg
Engraving by Johann Salver.
Diedc. 752[1]
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church Orthodox Church
Feast14 October
The statue of Saint Burchard on Würzburg's Alte Mainbrücke.


He was an Anglo-Saxon who left England after the death of his parents and joined Boniface in his missionary labors, some time after 732. When Boniface organized bishoprics in Middle Germany, he placed Burchard over that of Würzburg; his consecration can not have occurred later than the summer of 741, since in the autumn of that year, he was documented as officiating as a bishop at the consecration of Willibald of Eichstädt.[2]

Pope Zachary confirmed the new bishopric in 743. Burchard appears again as a member of the first German council in 742, and as an envoy to Rome from Boniface in 748. With Fulrad of Saint-Denis, he brought to Zachary the famous question of Pepin, whose answer was supposed to justify the assumption of regal power by the Carolingians.[2]

In 751, he resigned his see in favor of Megingoz, a Benedictine monk from St. Peter's Abbey in Fritzlar,[3] and retired to a life of solitude.

His feast day is 14 October.[2]


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