Bunyoro sub-region

Bunyoro sub-region is a region in Western Uganda that consists of the following districts:

Bunyoro Sub-region

The area covered by the above districts is coterminous with the traditional Bunyoro Kingdom. Milton Obote abolished the traditional kingdoms in Uganda in 1967. When Yoweri Museveni re-established them in 1993, Bunyoro re-constituted itself.

The sub-region is home mainly to the Banyoro ethnic group. The people of Bunyoro are called Banyoro (singular: Munyoro). The Banyoro speak Runyoro, a Bantu language. Runyoro closely related to Rutooro, spoken by the people of the neighboring Toro sub-region. The language is often referred to as Runyoro/Rutooro.

According to the 2002 national census, the Bunyoro sub-region was home to an estimated 0.75 million people at that time.[1]

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Coordinates: 00°33′N 30°45′E / 0.550°N 30.750°E / 0.550; 30.750