Bunny (Harvey Comics)

Bunny Ball is a teenage-girl character in humor comic books published by Harvey Comics. She was created by a separate company as a projected doll toy, with Harvey Comics having the comic-book license.[1] The comic was originally written by Warren Harvey, a son of one of the company's founders, and featured artwork by illustrator Hy Eisman.[2] Other artists who worked on the series included Sol Brodsky and Howard Post.

The Bunny series initially ran 20 issues (cover-dated Dec. 1966–Dec. 1971), with a final, 21st issue published five years later (Nov. 1976).[3] Bunny also appeared in Harvey Pop Comics #2 (Nov. 1969).[4]

Bunny is an international model and actress. She has a younger sister named Honey and a rival named Esmeralda, or Esmy. Other characters include The Beagles, an English rock group fronted by Bunny's love interest Frederick, the poet William Wordsworth, the painter Marc, the Soular System, a foursome similar to the Motown groups of the 1960s, and Felix, a motorcycle cop on whom Esmy has a crush. [1]

In November 1999, it was announced MGM had set Jennifer Love Hewitt to headline a feature film based on the character.[5] Hewitt was to play a young woman who simultaneously attends college and goes on far-flung James Bond-esque spy missions.[5] Stephen Sommers was in talks to direct.[5]


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