Bundesliga (shooting)

As in many other sports, the premier German club competition in 10 metre air rifle and 10 metre air pistol is known as the Bundesliga. The league, open to both men and women, was created in 1997 and is administered by the German Shooting Federation. In each discipline, twenty four teams of five shooters each compete during a season spanning from October to February for the German team championship. Apart from the top German shooters, the league also attracts many shooters from other European countries, as well as a few from India and the United States, and involves a number of Olympic medalists and other shooters of international success.

Sport10 m air rifle and 10 m air pistol
FounderGerman Shooting Federation
No. of teams24 in each discipline
Country Germany
Most recent
Air rifle: SSV St. Hubertus Elsen
Air pistol: SGI Waldenburg
Most titlesAir rifle:SG Coburg (3), SV Affalterbach (3), BSV Buer-Bülse (3)
Air pistol: PSV Olympia Berlin (5), SV Kelheim-Gmünd (3)
Official websitedsb.de

League formatEdit

Match formatEdit

The Bundesliga matches mainly follow the International Shooting Sport Federation's rules for air rifle and air pistol, with the following important changes:

  • All shooters fire only 40 competition shots.[1]
  • The sighting shots are not included in the match time. Instead there is a 15-minute sighting shot period before the match.[2]
  • The match time is lowered to 50 minutes.[3] (Only electronic targets are allowed in the Bundesliga.[4] When in lower leagues paper targets are used, the match time is 60 minutes.[5])

The shooters are paired up based on previous results so that the top shooters from both teams stand next to each other, and so on down.[6] The shooter achieving the best 40-shot result in each pair wins a point for his or her team. Ties are resolved by firing single shots as needed.[7] Thus, a match can be won by either 5–0, 4–1 or 3–2.

The match format of the Bundesliga has been so successful that the European Shooting Confederation mirrored it when creating the ESC Youth League for national teams of young shooters.

Regular seasonEdit

Each Bundesliga consists of two divisions of twelve teams each:[8]

A single round-robin of eleven match days is conducted in each division during October–December or October–January. As shooting is a sport where the club league forms only a part of the competition season, the matches are concentrated to six weekends, organized in such a way that the clubs that placed 1–10 during the previous season have two home-range matches while the remaining two teams only have one each. In the table, teams are ranked on the number of won matches; tie-breaking criteria are 1) number of individual points won, 2) results between the concerned teams, 3) number of won points on first position (etc.).[9]


The top four teams of each division reach the finals (Bundesligafinale), held during a single weekend in February at the same location for both air rifle and air pistol. Quarterfinals and semifinals are held on Saturday, and bronze and gold medal matches on Sunday.[10]

Promotion and relegationEdit

Below the Bundesliga are five regional leagues: Regionalliga Nord, Regionalliga West and Regionalliga Ost below the northern division; Regionalliga Südwest and Regionalliga Süd below the southern division.[11] The twelfth-placed team of each Bundesliga division is automatically relegated to the appropriate regional league.[12] The eleventh-placed team competes together with the two top teams of each regional league for two spots in next year's Bundesliga.[13]

Below the regional leagues, there are leagues managed by each Landesverband (in northern Germany, these generally follow the state borders, while the large states in the south are divided into several Landesverbände).[14]


The following clubs have become German champions since the inception of the Bundesliga.

Season Air rifle Air pistol
1997–1998 SV Affalterbach (1/3) PSV Olympia Berlin (1/5)
1998–1999 SV Affalterbach (2/3) PSV Olympia Berlin (2/5)
1999–2000 Kgl. Priv. FSG "Der Bund" München (1/3) PSV Olympia Berlin (3/5)
2000–2001 Kgl. Priv. FSG "Der Bund" München (2/3) PSV Olympia Berlin (4/5)
2001–2002 BSV Buer-Bülse (1/3) VSS Haltern (1/2)
BSV Buer-Bülse (2/3)

Jozef Gönci (Slovakia)
Torsten Krebs
Alexandra Schneider
Tino Mohaupt
Nadine Masuth

PSV Olympia Berlin (5/5)

Uwe Potteck
Martin Tenk (Czech Republic)
Gernot Eder
Daniel Barner
Holger Buchmann

SV Affalterbach (3/3)

Lioubov Galkina (Russia)
Angela Kugele
Sandra Koch
Beate Gauss
Frank Köstel

VSS Haltern (2/2)

Franck Dumoulin (France)
Michael Peirick
Albert Grieskamp
Klaus Lindemann
Sven Hartmann

BSV Buer-Bülse (3/3)

Alexandra Schneider
Dorothee Bauer
Jozef Gönci (Slovakia)
Nadine Masuth
Torsten Krebs

SGI Waldenburg (1/7)

Vladimir Gontcharov (Russia)
Leo Braun
Patrik Lengerer
Wolfgang Renner
Franz Möndel

SSV St. Hubertus Elsen (1/4)

Marco De Nicolo (Italy)
Damian Kontny
Eva Schmitz
Dirk Leiwen
Andre Knop

SGI Waldenburg (2/7)

Leo Braun
Vladimir Gontcharov (Russia)
Patrik Lengerer
Wolfgang Renner
Franz Möndel

Post SV Plattling

Barbara Lechner
Matthew Emmons (United States)
Simone Legl
Franz Schreiner
Karin Steinbauer

ESV Weil am Rhein

Abdullah Ustaoglu
Swen Jülle
Markus Abt
Thomas Albiez
Christian Schebasta

SG Coburg (1/3)

Kateřina Emmons (Czech Republic)
Jürgen Wallowsky
Michaela Wagner
Claudia Huber
Sabrina Bär

SGI Waldenburg (3/7)

Vladimir Gontcharov (Russia)
Leo Braun
Patrick Lengerer
Wolfgang Renner
Michael Peirick

SG Coburg (2/3)

Sabrina Bär
Michaela Wagner
Jürgen Wallowsky
Adéla Sýkorová (Czech Republic)
Claudia Huber

SV Kelheim-Gmünd (1/3)

Roberto Di Donna (Italy)
Munkhbayar Dorjsuren
Sebastian Rosner
Thomas Karsch
Christoph Schultheiß

2009–2010 HSG München (1/3) SGI Waldenburg (4/7)
2010–2011 Kgl. Priv. FSG "Der Bund" München (3/3) SGI Waldenburg (5/7)
2011–2012 SSV St. Hubertus Elsen (2/4) SGI Waldenburg (6/7)
2012–2013 HSG München (1/2) SV Kriftel (1/2)
2013–2014 HSG München (2/2) SGI Waldenburg (7/7)
2014–2015 SG Coburg (3/3) SV Kelheim-Gmünd (2/3)
2015–2016 SSV St. Hubertus Elsen (3/4) SV Waldkirch
2016–2017 SSV St. Hubertus Elsen (4/4) SV Kelheim-Gmünd (3/3)
2017-2018 SB Freiheit SV Kriftel (2/2)

Current clubsEdit

The following clubs are qualified for the 2018–2019 season. Ranks from the previous season are in parentheses, the defending champions in bold and promoted teams in italics.

Air rifleEdit

Osterode am Harz
Northern division Southern division
Braunschweiger SG 1545 Eichenlaub Saltendorf
BSV Buer-Bülse FSG Kempten
SB Freiheit Kgl. Priv. FSG "Der Bund" München
SG 1920 Mengshausen Kgl. Priv. FSG Titting
SSG Kevelaer KKS Königsbach
SSV St. Hubertus Elsen SG Coburg
SV Gölzau SV Buch
SV Olympia 72 Börm/Dörpstedt SV Germania Prittlbach
SV Kamen SV Niederlauterbach
SV Wieckenberg SV Petersaurach
TuS Hilgert SV Pfeil Vöhringen
Wissener SV SSG Dynamit Fürth

Air pistolEdit

Bad Westernkotten
Northern division Southern division
Braunschweiger SG ESV Weil am Rhein
Freischütz Wathlingen HSG München
GTV Bremerhaven-Seestadtteufel KKS Hambrücken
PSV Olympia Berlin SGi Ludwigsburg
Sp.Sch. Fahrdorf Sgi Waldenburg
Spsch Raesfeld SSG Dynamit Fürth
SSG Teutoburger Wald SV Altheim Waldhausen
SSV Bad Westernkotten SV Kelheim-Gmünd
SV 1935 Kriftel SV Murrhardt-Karnsberg
SV Bassum von 1848 SV Peiting
SV Falke Dasbach SV Waldkirch
SV Schirumer Leegmoor TSV Ötlingen - SpSchAbtl.

Foreign shootersEdit

Of the five shooters entered in a match, at least four must be German citizens.[15] Despite this rule, many prominent foreigners participate in the league. The list of foreign shooters registered for the 2018–19 season[16] includes the following shooters (although all did not compete in every match):

Name Country Discipline Division Club Best Olympic result
Camilla Andersen   Denmark Rifle North Braunschweiger SG 1545
Katarina Bisercic   Serbia Rifle North SV Olympia 72 Börm/Dörpstedt
Jorge Diaz   Spain Rifle North SB Freiheit 27th, men's air rifle 2016
Tomasz Bartnik   Poland Rifle North SV Gölzau
Maxime Brunin   Belgium Rifle North SV Kamen
Alexander Driagin   Russia Rifle North SG 1920 Mengshausen
Christoph Dürr   Switzerland Rifle South FSG Kempten
Živa Dvoršak   Slovenia Rifle South SV Petersaurach 11th, women's air rifle 2012
Matthew Emmons   United States Rifle South Der Bund München 1st, men's prone 2004
Judith Gomez   France Rifle South KKS Königsbach
Petar Gorša   Croatia Rifle North SSG Kevelaer 7th, men's air rifle 2016
Mikkel Hansen   Denmark Rifle North SV Olympia 72 Börm/Dörpstedt
Peter Hellenbrand   Netherlands Rifle North ST Hubertus Elsen 5th, men's air rifle 2012
Olivia Hofmann   Austria Rifle South SV Niederlauterbach 5th, women's three positions 2016
Michael Höllwarth   Austria Rifle South SV Petersaurach
Illia Charheika   Belarus Rifle North SV Gölzau 6th, men's air rifle 2016
Rikke Ibsen   Denmark Rifle North Braunschweiger SG 1545
Sergey Kamenskiy   Russia Rifle South SV Pfeil Vöhringen 2nd, men's three positions 2016
Henrik Larsen   Norway Rifle North SV Wieckenberg
Petra Lustenberger   Switzerland Rifle South SV Buch
Jan Lochbihler   Switzerland Rifle North SG 1920 Mengshausen 14th, men's prone 2016
Stephan Martz   Switzerland Rifle North TuS Hilgert
Thomas Mathis   Austria Rifle South FSG Kempten 17h, men's prone 2016
Nikola Mazurová   Czech Republic Rifle South SG Coburg 18th, women's air rifle 2016
Alin Moldoveanu   Romania Rifle North SB Freiheit 1st, men's air rifle 2012
Mandy Mulder   Netherlands Rifle North SG 1920 Mengshausen
Elania Nardelli   Italy Rifle South SSG Dynamit-Fürth 35th, women's three positions 2012
Agnieszka Nagay   Poland Rifle North SV Kamen 8th, women's three positions 2012
Stine Nielsen   Denmark Rifle North SV Wieckenberg 9th, women's air rifle 2012
Alena Niskoshapskaia   Russia Rifle North SV Kamen
Ayonika Paul   India Rifle South SV Petersaurach 47th, women's air rifle 2016
István Péni   Hungary Rifle North BSV Buer-Bülse 12th, men's three positions 2016
Daniela Demjen Pešková   Slovakia Rifle South Kgl. Priv. FSG Titting 9th, women's air rifle 2008
Borna Petanjek   Croatia Rifle North SB Freiheit
Line Petermann   Denmark Rifle North SV Olympia 72 Börm/Dörpstedt
Pierre-Edmond Piasecki   France Rifle South Der Bund München 6th, men's air rifle 2012
Bernhard Pickl   Austria Rifle South SG Coburg
Marlene Pribitzer   Austria Rifle South Kgl. Priv. FSG Titting
Sergey Richter   Israel Rifle North SSG Kevelaer 9th, men's air rifle 2012
Anton Rizov   Belarus Rifle South KKS Königsbach 22nd, men's air rifle 2012
Gernot Rumpler   Austria Rifle North BSV Buer-Bülse 32nd, men's air rifle 2016
Milenko Sebić   Serbia Rifle South SV Pfeil Vöhringen 11th, men's three positions 2016
Pea Smeets   Netherlands Rifle North Wissener SV
Peter Somogyl   Hungary Rifle South Eichenlaub Saltendorf
Milutin Stefanovic   Serbia Rifle North TuS Hilgert 12th, men's air rifle 2016
Jenny Stene   Norway Rifle North BSV Buer-Bülse
Martin Strempfl   Austria Rifle South SV Germania Prittlbach
Nicolas Thiel   France Rifle North SV Wieckenberg
Oleh Tsarkov   Ukraine Rifle South SV Pfeil Vöhringen 8th, men's air rifle 2016
Adam Veres   Hungary Rifle North Wissener SV
Sanja Vukasinovic   Serbia Rifle North Wissener SV
Gabriela Vognarová   Czech Republic Rifle South Kgl. Priv. FSG Titting
Simon Weithaler   Italy Rifle South SV Niederlauterbach
Georg Zott   Austria Rifle South SSG Dynamit-Fürth
Petra Zublasing   Italy Rifle North TuS Hilgert 4th, women's three positions 2016


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