Bundesautobahn 559 (translates from German as Federal Motorway 559, short form Autobahn 559, abbreviated as BAB 559 or A 559) is an autobahn in Germany.

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A 559
Bundesautobahn 559
Route information
Length4.2 km (2.6 mi)
A further 4.2 km is designated as the L124
Major junctions
North endDeutz, Cologne
South endGremberghoven, Cologne
StatesNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Highway system
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The A 559 is a former alignment of the A 59. The A 59 was rerouted in the 1980s to relieve congestion at the Gremberg four-way interchange with the A 4.

The primary function of the A 559, besides relieving traffic at the A 4 interchange, is to connect the Cologne-Bonn Airport to Cologne proper. The airport is along the A 59, one junction south of the A 559's southern terminus.

The section of road from the junction Köln-Vingst (just after the A 4) to the end of the freeway at Köln-Deutz is up to autobahn standards, but is only designated as the L 124. This stretch of road was signed at one time as the A 559, although the autobahn designation never officially covered the entire freeway.

Exit list

L111 Road continues as the L 111 into Köln
  (-) Köln-Deutz
  (-) Severinsbrücke   B 55
  (-) Köln-Am Grauen Stein
  (-) Köln-Kalk
  (-) Köln-Vingst

  (1) 4-way interchange Gremberg   A 4  E40
  (2) Köln-Gremberghoven   B 8
  (3) 3-way interchange Köln-Porz   A 59