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Bulgaria first participated at the Olympic Games at the inaugural 1896 Games, with a single gymnast. However, since Charles Champaud was a Swiss national living in Sofia, some sources credit his appearance to Switzerland instead.

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The Bulgarian Olympic Committee was created in 1923 and first sent a team to the Summer Olympic Games in 1924. The nation has participated in every Summer Games since then, except for 1932 (during the Great Depression), 1948 (Bulgaria's role in World War II), and 1984, when they were part of the Soviet-led boycott of the 1984 Summer Olympics. Bulgaria first participated in the Winter Olympic Games in 1936, and has attended every Winter Games since then.

Bulgarian athletes have won a total of 224 medals, with wrestling and weightlifting as the top medal-producing sports. After the fall of the communist regime in 1989-1990, in Bulgaria's turbulent transition to free-market democracy, top-notch state support for Bulgarian Olympians disintegrated. Diminishing and marginalized medal returns were evident in the 2012 London Olympics, where Bulgaria, a former top-10 Olympic power in the late 1980s, fell out of its original high stature. Bulgaria's best performance to date has come in the 1980 Summer Olympics where they finished third in the overall medal count. In the 1988 Summer Olympics Bulgaria ranked 7th, but won the nation's largest total of medals to date. The best Winter Olympic result came in 1998 where they ranked 15th.

Medal tablesEdit

List of medalistsEdit

Summer OlympicsEdit

Medal   Name Games Sport Event
  Bronze Boris Nikolov   1952 Helsinki   Boxing Middleweight (-75kg)
  Gold Nikola Stanchev   1956 Melbourne   Wrestling Freestyle 79 kg
  Silver Dimitar Dobrev   1956 Melbourne   Wrestling Greco-Roman middleweight
  Silver Petko Sirakov   1956 Melbourne   Wrestling Greco-Roman light heavyweight
  Silver Husein Mehmedov   1956 Melbourne   Wrestling Freestyle +87 kg
  Bronze   1956 Melbourne   Association Football Men's team competition
  Gold Dimitar Dobrev   1960 Rome   Wrestling Greco-Roman 79 kg
  Silver Krali Bimbalov   1960 Rome   Wrestling Greco-Roman 87 kg
  Silver Nezhdet Zalev   1960 Rome   Wrestling Freestyle 57 kg
  Silver Stancho Ivanov   1960 Rome   Wrestling Freestyle 62 kg
  Bronze Velik Kapsazov   1960 Rome   Gymnastics Rings
  Bronze Dinko Petrov   1960 Rome   Wrestling Greco-Roman 57 kg
  Bronze Enyu Valchev   1960 Rome   Wrestling Freestyle 67 kg
  Gold Boyan Radev   1964 Tokyo   Wrestling Greco-Roman 97 kg
  Gold Enyu Valchev   1964 Tokyo   Wrestling Freestyle 70 kg
  Gold Prodan Gardzhev   1964 Tokyo   Wrestling Freestyle 87 kg
  Silver Velichko Velichkov   1964 Tokyo   Shooting 50 metre rifle, three positions
  Silver Angel Kerezov   1964 Tokyo   Wrestling Greco-Roman 52 kg
  Silver Kiril Petkov   1964 Tokyo   Wrestling Greco-Roman 78 kg
  Silver Stancho Kolev   1964 Tokyo   Wrestling Freestyle 63 kg
  Silver Lyutvi Ahmedov   1964 Tokyo   Wrestling Freestyle +97 kg
  Bronze Alexander Nikolov   1964 Tokyo   Boxing Light Heavyweight (– 81 kg)
  Bronze Said Mustafov   1964 Tokyo   Wrestling Freestyle 97 kg
  Gold Petar Kirov   1968 Mexico City   Wrestling Greco-Roman 52 kg
  Gold Boyan Radev   1968 Mexico City   Wrestling Greco-Roman 97 kg
  Silver   1968 Mexico City   Football Men's team competition
  Silver Enyu Todorov   1968 Mexico City   Wrestling Freestyle 63 kg
  Silver Enyu Valchev   1968 Mexico City   Wrestling Freestyle 70 kg
  Silver Osman Duraliev   1968 Mexico City   Wrestling Freestyle +97 kg
  Bronze Ivan Mihailov   1968 Mexico City   Boxing Featherweight (– 57 kg)
  Bronze Georgi Stankov   1968 Mexico City   Boxing Light Heavyweight (– 81 kg)
  Bronze Prodan Gardzhev   1968 Mexico City   Wrestling Freestyle 87 kg
  Gold Georgi Kostadinov   1972 Munich   Boxing Flyweight (– 51 kg)
  Gold Norair Nurikyan   1972 Munich   Weightlifting 60 kg
  Gold Yordan Bikov   1972 Munich   Weightlifting 75 kg
  Gold Andon Nikolov   1972 Munich   Weightlifting 90 kg
  Gold Petar Kirov   1972 Munich   Wrestling Greco-Roman 52 kg
  Gold Georgi Markov (wrestler)   1972 Munich   Wrestling Greco-Roman 62 kg
  Silver Diana Yorgova   1972 Munich   Athletics Long jump
  Silver Yordanka Blagoeva   1972 Munich   Athletics High jump
  Silver Angel Angelov   1972 Munich   Boxing Light Welterweight(– 63.5 kg)
  Silver Mladen Kutchev   1972 Munich   Weightlifting 67.5 kg
  Silver Atanas Shopov   1972 Munich   Weightlifting 90 kg
  Silver Aleksandar Kraychev   1972 Munich   Weightlifting 110 kg
  Silver Ognyan Nikolov   1972 Munich   Wrestling Freestyle 48 kg
  Silver Osman Duraliev   1972 Munich   Wrestling Freestyle +100 kg
  Silver Stoyan Apostolov   1972 Munich   Wrestling Greco-Roman 68 kg
  Silver Aleksandar Tomov   1972 Munich   Wrestling Greco-Roman +100 kg
  Bronze Ivanka Khristova   1972 Munich   Athletics Shot put
  Bronze Vasilka Stoeva   1972 Munich   Athletics Discus throw
  Bronze Fedia Damianov
Ivan Burtchin
  1972 Munich   Canoeing C-2 1000 metres
  Bronze Ivan Krastev   1972 Munich   Wrestling Freestyle 62 kg
  Bronze Stefan Angelov   1972 Munich   Wrestling Greco-Roman 48 kg
  Gold Ivanka Khristova   1976 Montreal   Athletics Shot put
  Gold Svetla Otsetova
Zdravka Yordanova
  1976 Montreal   Rowing Double sculls
  Gold Siyka Kelbecheva
Stoyanka Kurbatova-Gruicheva
  1976 Montreal   Rowing Coxless pairs
  Gold Norair Nurikyan   1976 Montreal   Weightlifting 56 kg
  Gold Yordan Mitkov   1976 Montreal   Weightlifting 75 kg
  Gold Hasan Isaev   1976 Montreal   Wrestling Freestyle 48 kg
  Silver Nikolina Shtereva   1976 Montreal   Athletics 800 metres
  Silver Mariya Vergova   1976 Montreal   Athletics Discus throw
  Silver Ginka Gyurova
Lilyana Vaseva
Reni Yordanova
Mariyka Modeva
Kapka Georgieva
  1976 Montreal   Rowing Coxed fours
  Silver Georgi Todorov   1976 Montreal   Weightlifting 60 kg
  Silver Trendafil Stoychev   1976 Montreal   Weightlifting 82.5 kg
  Silver Krastyu Semerdzhiev   1976 Montreal   Weightlifting 110 kg
  Silver Stoyan Ivanov   1976 Montreal   Wrestling Greco-Roman 90 kg
  Silver Kamen Goranov   1976 Montreal   Wrestling Greco-Roman 100 kg
  Silver Aleksandar Tomov   1976 Montreal   Wrestling Greco-Roman +100 kg
  Bronze Yordanka Blagoeva   1976 Montreal   Athletics High jump
  Bronze   1976 Montreal   Basketball Women's team competition
  Bronze Vladimir Kolev   1976 Montreal   Boxing Light Welterweight(– 63.5 kg)
  Bronze Atanas Shopov   1976 Montreal   Weightlifting 90 kg
  Bronze Dimo Kostov   1976 Montreal   Wrestling Freestyle 100 kg
  Bronze Stefan Angelov   1976 Montreal   Wrestling Greco-Roman 48 kg
  Bronze Ivan Kolev   1976 Montreal   Wrestling Greco-Roman 82 kg
  Gold Petar Lesov   1980 Moscow   Boxing Flyweight (– 51 kg)
  Gold Lyubomir Lyubenov   1980 Moscow   Canoeing C-1 1000 meters
  Gold Stoyan Deltchev   1980 Moscow   Gymnastics Horizontal bar
  Gold Yanko Rusev   1980 Moscow   Weightlifting 67.5 kg
  Gold Asen Zlatev   1980 Moscow   Weightlifting 75 kg
  Gold Valentin Raychev   1980 Moscow   Wrestling Freestyle 74 kg
  Gold Ismail Abilov   1980 Moscow   Wrestling Freestyle 82 kg
  Gold Georgi Raykov   1980 Moscow   Wrestling Greco-Roman 100 kg
  Silver Mariya Petkova   1980 Moscow   Athletics Discus throw
  Silver   1980 Moscow   Basketball Women's team competition
  Silver Lyubomir Lyubenov   1980 Moscow   Canoeing C-1 500 meters
  Silver Vanja Gesheva   1980 Moscow   Canoeing K-1 500 meters
  Silver Petar Mandazhiev
Svetoslav Ivanov
Georgi Gadjev
  1980 Moscow   Equestrian Team Dressage
  Silver Dimitar Zapryanov   1980 Moscow   Judo Heavyweight (+95 kg)
  Silver Ginka Gyurova
Mariyka Modeva
Rita Todorova
Iskra Velinova
Nadiya Filipova
  1980 Moscow   Rowing Coxed fours
  Silver   1980 Moscow   Volleyball Men's team competition
  Silver Stefan Dimitrov   1980 Moscow   Weightlifting 60 kg
  Silver Blagoy Blagoev   1980 Moscow   Weightlifting 82.5 kg
  Silver Rumen Aleksandrov   1980 Moscow   Weightlifting 90 kg
  Silver Valentin Hristov   1980 Moscow   Weightlifting 110 kg
  Silver Miho Dukov   1980 Moscow   Wrestling Freestyle 62 kg
  Silver Ivan Yankov   1980 Moscow   Wrestling Freestyle 68 kg
  Silver Slavcho Chervenkov   1980 Moscow   Wrestling Freestyle 100 kg
  Silver Aleksandar Tomov   1980 Moscow   Wrestling Greco-Roman +100 kg
  Bronze Petar Petrov   1980 Moscow   Athletics 100 metres
  Bronze Ivailo Marinov   1980 Moscow   Boxing Light Flyweight (– 48 kg)
  Bronze Borislav Ananiev
Nikolai Ilkov
  1980 Moscow   Canoeing C-2 500 meters
  Bronze Borislav Borisov
Bozhidar Milenkov
Lazar Khristov
Ivan Manev
  1980 Moscow   Canoeing K-4 1000 meters
  Bronze Stoyan Deltchev   1980 Moscow   Gymnastics Individual all-around
  Bronze Ilian Nedkov   1980 Moscow   Judo Half Lightweight (65 kg)
  Bronze Mincho Nikolov
Lyubomir Petrov
Ivo Rusev
Bogdan Dobrev
  1980 Moscow   Rowing Quadruple sculls (coxless)
  Bronze Mariana Serbezova
Rumelyana Boncheva
Dolores Nakova
Anka Bakova
Anka Georgieva
  1980 Moscow   Rowing Quadruple sculls (coxed)
  Bronze Siyka Kelbecheva
Stoyanka Kurbatova-Gruicheva
  1980 Moscow   Rowing Coxless pairs
  Bronze Lyubcho Dyakov   1980 Moscow   Shooting 50 metre pistol
  Bronze Petar Zapryanov   1980 Moscow   Shooting 50 metre rifle prone
  Bronze   1980 Moscow   Volleyball Women's team competition
  Bronze Mincho Pashov   1980 Moscow   Weightlifting 67.5 kg
  Bronze Nedelcho Kolev   1980 Moscow   Weightlifting 75 kg
  Bronze Nermedin Selimov   1980 Moscow   Wrestling Freestyle 52 kg
  Bronze Mladen Mladenov   1980 Moscow   Wrestling Greco-Roman 52 kg
  Bronze Pavel Pavlov   1980 Moscow   Wrestling Greco-Roman 82 kg
  Gold Khristo Markov   1988 Seoul   Athletics Triple jump
  Gold Yordanka Donkova   1988 Seoul   Athletics 100 metres hurdles
  Gold Ivailo Marinov   1988 Seoul   Boxing Light Flyweight (– 48 kg)
  Gold Vanja Gesheva   1988 Seoul   Canoeing K-1 500 metres
  Gold Lubomir Geraskov   1988 Seoul   Gymnastics Pommel horse
  Gold Tanyu Kiryakov   1988 Seoul   Shooting 10 metre air pistol
  Gold Tanya Dangalakova   1988 Seoul   Swimming 100 metre breaststroke
  Gold Sevdalin Marinov   1988 Seoul   Weightlifting 52 kg
  Gold Borislav Gidikov   1988 Seoul   Weightlifting 75 kg
  Gold Atanas Komchev   1988 Seoul   Wrestling Greco-Roman 90 kg
  Silver Stefka Kostadinova   1988 Seoul   Athletics High jump
  Silver Aleksandar Khristov   1988 Seoul   Boxing Bantamweight (– 54 kg)
  Silver Vanja Gesheva
Diana Paliiska
  1988 Seoul   Canoeing K-2 500 metres
  Silver Adriana Dunavska   1988 Seoul   Gymnastics Individual all-around
  Silver Radka Stoyanova
Lalka Berberova
  1988 Seoul   Rowing Coxless pairs
  Silver Vesela Letcheva   1988 Seoul   Shooting 50 metre rifle three positions
  Silver Antoaneta Frenkeva   1988 Seoul   Swimming 100 metre breaststroke
  Silver Stefan Topurov   1988 Seoul   Weightlifting 60 kg
  Silver Ivan Tsonov   1988 Seoul   Wrestling Freestyle 48 kg
  Silver Stoyan Balov   1988 Seoul   Wrestling Greco-Roman 57 kg
  Silver Zhivko Vangelov   1988 Seoul   Wrestling Greco-Roman 62 kg
  Silver Rangel Gerovski   1988 Seoul   Wrestling Greco-Roman 130 kg
  Bronze Tsvetanka Khristova   1988 Seoul   Athletics Discus throw
  Bronze Martin Marinov   1988 Seoul   Canoeing C-1 500 metres
  Bronze Nikolay Bukhalov   1988 Seoul   Canoeing C-1 1000 metres
  Bronze Vanja Gesheva
Diana Paliiska
Ogniana Petkova
Borislava Ivanova
  1988 Seoul   Canoeing K-4 500 metres
  Bronze Diana Doudeva   1988 Seoul   Gymnastics Floor
  Bronze Magdalena Georgieva   1988 Seoul   Rowing Single sculls
  Bronze Violeta Ninova
Stefka Madina
  1988 Seoul   Rowing Double sculls
  Bronze Antoaneta Frenkeva   1988 Seoul   Swimming 200 metre breaststroke
  Bronze Manuela Maleeva   1988 Seoul   Tennis Women's singles
  Bronze Aleksandar Varbanov   1988 Seoul   Weightlifting 75 kg
  Bronze Simeon Shterev   1988 Seoul   Wrestling Freestyle 62 kg
  Bronze Rahmat Sofiadi   1988 Seoul   Wrestling Freestyle 74 kg
  Bronze Bratan Tsenov   1988 Seoul   Wrestling Greco-Roman 48 kg
  Gold Nikolay Bukhalov   1992 Barcelona   Canoeing C-1 500 metres
  Gold Nikolay Bukhalov   1992 Barcelona   Canoeing C-1 1000 metres
  Gold Ivan Ivanov   1992 Barcelona   Weightlifting 52 kg
  Silver Tsvetanka Khristova   1992 Barcelona   Athletics Discus throw
  Silver Daniel Petrov   1992 Barcelona   Boxing Light Flyweight (– 48 kg)
  Silver Vesela Letcheva   1992 Barcelona   Shooting 10 metre air rifle
  Silver Nonka Matova   1992 Barcelona   Shooting 50 metre rifle three positions
  Silver Nikolay Peshalov   1992 Barcelona   Weightlifting 60 kg
  Silver Yoto Yotov   1992 Barcelona   Weightlifting 67.5 kg
  Silver Valentin Getsov   1992 Barcelona   Wrestling Freestyle 68 kg
  Bronze Yordanka Donkova   1992 Barcelona   Athletics 100 metres hurdles
  Bronze Svilen Rusinov   1992 Barcelona   Boxing Super Heavyweight (+91 kg)
  Bronze Martin Marinov
Blagovest Stoyanov
  1992 Barcelona   Canoeing C-2 500 metres
  Bronze Mariya Grozdeva   1992 Barcelona   Shooting 10 metre air pistol
  Bronze Stefan Botev   1992 Barcelona   Weightlifting 110 kg
  Bronze Valentin Yordanov   1992 Barcelona   Wrestling Freestyle 52 kg
  Gold Stefka Kostadinova   1996 Atlanta   Athletics High jump
  Gold Daniel Petrov   1996 Atlanta   Boxing Light Flyweight (– 48 kg)
  Gold Valentin Yordanov   1996 Atlanta   Wrestling Freestyle 52 kg
  Silver Serafim Todorov   1996 Atlanta   Boxing Featherweight (– 57 kg)
  Silver Tontcho Tontchev   1996 Atlanta   Boxing Lightweight (– 60 kg)
  Silver Krasimir Dounev   1996 Atlanta   Gymnastics Horizontal bar
  Silver Ina Delcheva
Valentina Kevlian
Maria Koleva
Maya Tabakova
Ivelina Taleva
Vjara Vatachka
  1996 Atlanta   Gymnastics Group all-around
  Silver Emil Milev   1996 Atlanta   Shooting 25 metre rapid fire pistol
  Silver Diana Iorgova   1996 Atlanta   Shooting 25 metre pistol
  Silver Yoto Yotov   1996 Atlanta   Weightlifting 76 kg
  Bronze Andrian Dushev
Milko Kazanov
  1996 Atlanta   Canoeing K-2 1000 metres
  Bronze Tanyu Kiryakov   1996 Atlanta   Shooting 10 metre air pistol
  Bronze Mariya Grozdeva   1996 Atlanta   Shooting 10 metre air pistol
  Bronze Sevdalin Minchev   1996 Atlanta   Weightlifting 54 kg
  Bronze Nikolay Peshalov   1996 Atlanta   Weightlifting 59 kg
  Gold Tereza Marinova   2000 Sydney   Athletics Triple jump
  Gold Tanyu Kiryakov   2000 Sydney   Shooting 50 metre pistol
  Gold Mariya Grozdeva   2000 Sydney   Shooting 25 metre pistol
  Gold Galabin Boevski   2000 Sydney   Weightlifting 69 kg
  Gold Armen Nazaryan   2000 Sydney   Wrestling Greco-Roman 58 kg
  Silver Petar Merkov   2000 Sydney   Canoeing K-1 500 metres
  Silver Petar Merkov   2000 Sydney   Canoeing K-1 1000 metres
  Silver Rumyana Neykova   2000 Sydney   Rowing Single sculls
  Silver Georgi Markov   2000 Sydney   Weightlifting 69 kg
  Silver Alan Tsagaev   2000 Sydney   Weightlifting 105 kg
  Silver Serafim Barzakov   2000 Sydney   Wrestling Freestyle 63 kg
  Bronze Yordan Yovchev   2000 Sydney   Gymnastics Floor
  Bronze Yordan Yovchev   2000 Sydney   Gymnastics Rings
  Gold Mariya Grozdeva   2004 Athens   Shooting 25 metre pistol
  Gold Milen Dobrev   2004 Athens   Weightlifting 94 kg
  Silver Yordan Yovchev   2004 Athens   Gymnastics Rings
  Bronze Boris Georgiev   2004 Athens   Boxing Light welterweight
  Bronze Yordan Yovchev   2004 Athens   Gymnastics Floor
  Bronze Zhaneta Ilieva
Eleonora Kezhova
Zornitsa Marinova
Kristina Rangelova
Galina Tancheva
Vladislava Tancheva
  2004 Athens   Gymnastics Group all-around
  Bronze Georgi Georgiev   2004 Athens   Judo Half-lightweight (66 kg)
  Bronze Ivo Yanakiev   2004 Athens   Rowing Single sculls
  Bronze Rumyana Neykova   2004 Athens   Rowing Single sculls
  Bronze Mariya Grozdeva   2004 Athens   Shooting 10 metre air pistol
  Bronze Velichko Cholakov   2004 Athens   Weightlifting +105 kg
  Bronze Armen Nazaryan   2004 Athens   Wrestling Greco-Roman 60 kg
  Gold Rumyana Neykova   2008 Beijing   Rowing Single sculls
  Silver Stanka Zlateva   2008 Beijing   Wrestling Freestyle 72 kg
  Bronze Radoslav Velikov   2008 Beijing   Wrestling Freestyle 55 kg
  Bronze Kiril Terziev   2008 Beijing   Wrestling Freestyle 74 kg
  Bronze Yavor Yanakiev   2008 Beijing   Wrestling Greco-Roman 74 kg
  Silver Milka Maneva   2012 London   Weightlifting Women's 63 kg
  Silver Stanka Zlateva   2012 London   Wrestling Freestyle 72 kg
  Bronze Tervel Pulev   2012 London   Boxing Heavyweight
  Silver Mirela Demireva   2016 Rio de Janeiro   Athletics Women's high jump
  Bronze Elitsa Yankova   2016 Rio de Janeiro   Wrestling Women's freestyle 48 kg
  Bronze Lyubomira Kazanova
Reneta Kamberova
Mihaela Maevska
Hristiana Todorova
Tsvetelina Naydenova
  2016 Rio de Janeiro   Gymnastics Group all-around

Winter OlympicsEdit

Medal   Name Games Sport Event
  Bronze Ivan Lebanov   1980 Lake Placid   Cross-country skiing Cross-country skiing 30 km
  Gold Ekaterina Dafovska   1998 Nagano   Biathlon Individual
  Silver Evgenia Radanova   2002 Salt Lake City   Short track speed skating 500 metres
  Bronze Irina Nikulchina   2002 Salt Lake City   Biathlon Pursuit
  Bronze Evgenia Radanova   2002 Salt Lake City   Short track speed skating 1500 metres
  Silver Evgenia Radanova   2006 Turin   Short track speed skating 500 metres

Summary by sportEdit


Bulgaria sent one gymnast to the first Games in 1896; Charles Champaud participated in three events but did not medal.

Games Cyclists Events Gold Silver Bronze Total
1896 Athens 1 3/8 0 0 0 0
Total 2 2 6 10


Event No. of
gold medal
Gold Silver Bronze Total Best finish
Men's vault 15/24 1896 N/A N/A 0 0 0 0 4th (1988, 1996)
Men's pommel horse 15/24 1896 1988 1988 1 0 0 1   (1988)
Men's parallel bars 15/24 1896 N/A N/A 0 0 0 0 4th (1988)

Bulgarian Olympic Flag BearersEdit

# Year Season   Flag Bearer Sport
25 2018 Winter Radoslav Yankov Snowboarding
24 2016 Summer Ivet Lalova Athletics
23 2014 Winter Maria Kirkova Alpine skiing
22 2012 Summer Yordan Yovchev Gymnastics
21 2010 Winter Aleksandra Zhekova Snowboarding
20 2008 Summer Petar Stoychev Swimming
19 2006 Winter Ekaterina Dafovska Biathlon
18 2004 Summer Mariya Grozdeva Shooting
17 2002 Winter Stefan Georgiev Alpine skiing
16 2000 Summer Ivo Yanakiev Rowing
15 1998 Winter Lyubomir Popov Alpine skiing
14 1996 Summer Dimo Tonev Volleyball
13 1994 Winter Nadezhda Aleksieva Biathlon
12 1992 Summer Ivaylo Yordanov Wrestling
11 1992 Winter Iva Karagiozova-Shkodreva Biathlon
10 1988 Summer Vasil Etropolski Fencing
9 1988 Winter Vladimir Velichkov Biathlon
8 1984 Winter Vladimir Velichkov Biathlon
7 1980 Summer Aleksandar Tomov Wrestling
6 1980 Winter Petar Popangelov Downhill skiing
5 1976 Summer Aleksandar Tomov Wrestling
4 1972 Summer Dimitar Zlatanov Volleyball
3 1964 Summer Enyu Valchev Wrestling
2 1952 Summer Boris Nikolov Boxing
1 1936 Summer Lyuben Doychev Athletics

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