Bulbul (2013 film)

Bulbul is a 2013 Indian Kannada-language romantic comedy film directed by M. D. Shridhar. It is a partial remake of the Telugu film Darling with the scenes in the flashback inspired from 50 First Dates.[1] The film stars Darshan, Ambarish and debutant Rachita Ram in lead roles. The music for the film was composed by V. Harikrishna with lyrics penned by Kaviraj.

Bulbul (Kannada) film poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed byM. D. Sridhar
Produced byMeena Thoogudeepa
Screenplay byM. D. Shridhar
Story byA. Karunakaran
Rachita Ram
Music byV. Harikrishna
CinematographyA. V. Krishna Kumar
Edited byP. R. Sounder Raj
Thoogudeepa Productions
Release date
  • 10 May 2013 (2013-05-10)
Box office55 crore


Amarnath and his college friends organize a reunion after several years . Amarnath lives with his wife, Chitra and son, Vijay(who in fact is his closest friend). Vijay is in love with his childhood friend, Kaveri daughter of Amar's friend Vishwanath(settled in Switzerland) who doesn't show much liking towards Vijay. Meanwhile Vijay manages to save Nisha during a drag racing competition from a rival gang resulting in she falling for him. However he refuses to accept her love as he considers her as a good friend. Nisha attempts suicide but manages to survive. Nisha's father kidnaps Vijay's friends and in order to save them he fabricates a love story. He manages to fool them by narrating the story of Kaveri, his lover who landed in a comatose state because of him (the story of some Hollywood movie mixed with the Kannada movie style).

Vijay tries hard to impress Kaveri during the reunion all his efforts worthless due to her younger brother and his father's friend Appa Rao's son, Rishi. Rishi is in good books of Vishwanath and also has feelings for Kaveri. Meanwhile Vijay succeeds in uniting Priya, daughter of Amar's friend Ramesh with her lover which impresses Kaveri. Slowly as ice starts to melt between them Nisha comes to know the truth and swears to seek revenge. Rishi's friend tries to kill Vijay resulting in Amar getting an electric shock. An angry Vijay who discovers the truth thrashes Rishi and his friends much to the agitation of Amar who asks his son to leave the house. Before leaving, his mother reveals that Vishwanath wished to marry Kaveri to Rishi and knowing that Vijay's presence is a possible threat to this decision and also to consolidate their friendship Amar uses the fight as an opportunity to banish Vijay. Vijay happily accepting his father's decision leaves the house. He comes across Kaveri who reciprocates his love. But he walks away without mentioning anything. A crestfallen Kaveri who returns to the house finds that her marriage with Rishi has been fixed. However Kaveri proclaiming her love for Vijay refuses to accept Rishi. Vishwanath understanding his mistake decides to choose Vijay as his son-in-law. Nisha's father arrives at this occasion and kidnaps Kaveri. Amar picks up Vijay who was waiting in the bus stop and takes him to the gangstar's hideout. Vijay manages to overpower them and reunite with Kaveri and his family.



The official shooting of the film began on 28 December 2012 at the Bengaluru International Airport with few scenes featuring actor Pradeep Rawat at the Jade Gardens near the airport. However it was disrupted following a scuffle between the crew members and Rawat. Further it resumed with actor Sharath Lohitashwa replacing Rawat[2]


The producer wanted to bring back both Darshan and Ramya after 6 years, but Ramya opted out of the project.[3] Actor Ambarish was signed to play the father role to Darshan. Bollywood actor Pradeep Rawat was originally the main antagonist. However, he was dropped out, following a minor scuffle during the shoot and Sharath Lohitashwa was replaced instead.[4]

The film is produced by Dinakar Toogudeep.


The film made its theatrical release across Karnataka in over 180 cinema halls on 10 May 2013.[5] The satellite rights of the film was sold to Zee Kannada for 41.4 million (US$580,000)[6]


The soundtrack of the album was released on 10 February 2013.

Soundtrack album by
10 February 2013
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelD Beats
1."Hoo Chendu"kavirajV. Harikrishna 
2."Jagadalliro" Sonu Nigam 
3."Junior Senior" Tippu, S. P. Balasubramanyam 
4."Nille Nille Kaveri" Hemanth Kumar 
5."Ondu Sanje" Karthik 
6."Nille Nille Kaveri" Tippu 


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