The Bukhan River (North Han River) is a tributary of the Han River that flows through both North and South Korea. It traverses Kangwon province in North Korea and Gangwon and Gyeonggi provinces in South Korea.

Bukhan River flowing through Gapyeong (South Korea).jpg
The Bukhan River flowing through Gapyeong, South Korea.
Native name북한강
CountryNorth Korea (PRK), South Korea (KOR)
ProvincesKangwon (PRK), Gangwon (KOR), Gyeonggi (KOR)
Physical characteristics
SourceTaebaek Mountains
 ⁃ locationOkpat Peak, Kumgang, Kangwon, North Korea [a]
MouthHan River
 ⁃ location
Lake Paldang, Gyeonggi, South Korea
Length482 km (300 mi)[1]
Basin size23,292 km2 (8,993 sq mi)[1]
Basin features
 ⁃ rightYanggu Seocheon, Soyang River
Bukhan River
Revised RomanizationBukhan-gang

The Bukhan River's headwaters lie in North Korea near Geumgangsan; this early portion of the river is often called the Geumgangcheon, or "Geumgang Stream." It crosses the Korean Demilitarized Zone and enters Hwacheon County, flowing south through Chuncheon and then west through Gapyeong. It joins with the Namhan River in Yangseo-myeon, Yangpyeong, to form the Han River.


  1. ^ Okpat Peak (1,240.7m, Korean옥밭봉; Hanja옥밭峰; MROkpat'pong)
    The peak is also known as Okbal Peak (옥발봉) or Okjeon Peak (옥전봉) in the South.


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Coordinates: 37°31′36″N 127°18′38″E / 37.52667°N 127.31056°E / 37.52667; 127.31056