Bugio Island

Bugio Island (Portuguese: Ilha do Bugio) — is one of the three islands of the Portuguese Desertas Islands archipelago, a small chain of islands in the Madeira Islands Archipelago of Macaronesia.

Bugio island viewed from Madeira Island.
Bugio is located in Atlantic Ocean
Location of Bugio Island in the Atlantic Ocean

It is located in the Atlantic Ocean off the western coast of North Africa, and to the southeast of Madeira Island.

Nature reserve

The island is part of the Desertas Islands nature reserve, with no approach to the island closer than 100 m without a permit.

The island has breeding Desertas petrels.

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Coordinates: 32°25′35″N 16°29′10″W / 32.42639°N 16.48611°W / 32.42639; -16.48611