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Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service

Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, is the Local Authority Fire Service serving the ceremonial county of Buckinghamshire. It comprises the four districts of Buckinghamshire – Aylesbury Vale, Chiltern, South Bucks and Wycombe – and the unitary authority of Milton Keynes.

Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service
Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service.jpg
Operational area
Country  England
County  Buckinghamshire
Agency overview
Established 1 April 1997 (1997-04-01)
Employees 683
Chief Fire Officer Jason Thelwell
Facilities and equipment
Stations 20
Official website

The Combined Fire Authority became operational on 1 April 1997 as a result of the Buckinghamshire Fire Services(Combination Scheme) Order 1996 which was approved in November 1996.[1]


Fire Stations/Appliances[2][3]Edit

Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service operates 20 fire stations, of which six are crewed day and night (wholetime), four are day-crewed (on station everyday, 09:00 to 18:00 and respond from their homes in the night) the remainder are crewed by on call firefighters who live near to their fire station and can arrive there within five minutes of a call being received. Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service also operate a pool of "flexi-firefighters" who fill in gaps in wholetime crewing.[4]

Station Callsign Station Name Duty System Appliances
FJ11 Great Holm Wholetime / On Call* 1x RP, 1x TL, 1x WT*
FJ12 Bletchley Wholetime / On Call* 1x RP, 1x WTT*, 1x FESS*
FJ13 Broughton Wholetime / On Call* 1x RP, 1x WT*, 1x OSU*
FJ14 Newport Pagnell Day Crewed 1x RP, 1x WRU
FJ15 Olney On Call 1x WT
FJ21 Aylesbury Wholetime / On Call* 3x RP, 1x OSU*, 1x ICCU*, 1x EPU/ARU
FJ22 Buckingham Day Crewed / On Call* 1x RP, 1x WT*
FJ23 Winslow On Call 1x WT
FJ24 Brill On Call 1x WT
FJ25 Waddesdon On Call 1X WTT
FJ26 Haddenham On Call 1x WT
FJ29 Aylesbury (USAR) Wholetime 5x PM for 5x USAR Pods
FJ31 Amersham Day Crewed / On Call* 1x RP, 1xWT*
FJ32 Chesham On Call 1x WT
FJ33 Great Missenden On Call 1x WT
FJ41 High Wycombe Wholetime / On Call* 2x RP, 1x TL, 1x WT*
FJ42 Princes Risborough On Call 1x RP, 1x FT
FJ43 Stokenchurch On Call 1x SFU
FJ44 Marlow On Call 1x WT, 1x OSU
FJ51 Beaconsfield Wholetime / On Call* 1x RP, 1x WRU, 1x WT*
FJ52 Gerrards Cross Day Crewed 1x RP 1x WTa

Fire Appliance Glossary/CallsignsEdit

  • (RP) - Rescue Pump P1/P2
  • (WT) - Water Tender P1/P2/P4
  • (TL) - Turntable Ladder: A8
  • (WRU) - Water Rescue Unit: B1
  • (OSU) - Operational Support Unit: S6
  • (ICU) - Incident Command and Control Unit: C7
  • (WTT) - Water Tanker Tender: PW1/PW2
  • (WTa) - Water Tanker: W5
  • (FT) - Foam Tanker: W5
  • (SFU) - Small Fires Unit (SP4)
  • (EPU/ARU) - Environmental Protection Unit / Animal Rescue Unit: S61
  • (FESS) British Red Cross Fire and Emergency Support Service: S7

Urban Search and Rescue (USAR):

  • Prime Mover (PM): T6/T7/T8


  • Module 1 - Technical Search Equipment
  • Module 2 - Heavy Transport, Confined Space & Hot Cutting
  • Module 3 - Breaching & Breaking Equipment
  • Module 4 - Multi Purpose Vehicle
  • Module 5 - Shoring Operations


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