Bucharest Metro Line M4

Line M4
Handicapped/disabled access Străulești Bus interchange Parking
Handicapped/disabled access Laminorului
Handicapped/disabled access Parc Bazilescu
Handicapped/disabled access Jiului
Line M6 (under construction)
Handicapped/disabled access 1 Mai
Handicapped/disabled access Grivița
Handicapped/disabled access Basarab
Mainline rail interchange
Gara de Nord
Mainline rail interchange
planned extension to Gara Progresul

M4 is one of the five lines of the Bucharest Metro. It is currently 7.44 km (4.6 mi) long and runs from Gara Progresul to Străulești, following the Griviței and Bucureștii Noi avenues.[1]

History edit

Construction of the line started in September 1989, shortly before the Romanian Revolution. The tunnels were built up to where Parc Bazilescu is today. Construction was abandoned afterwards and was resumed later on in the 90's. The first section of the M4 opened on 1 March 2000 from Gara de Nord to 1 Mai. After many years of delays the next section to Parc Bazilescu was finally opened on 1 July 2011. Parc Bazilescu was not in the initial plan and was only built to open the section quicker.[2]

In 2013, construction started on the final 1.6 km (1.0 mi) section of the M4 to Străulești, along with Străulești depot. On 3 September 2015 tunneling work was completed.[3] The service was extended with two more stations, Laminorului and Străulești, which opened on 31 March 2017.[4]


In 2022, the Southern extension from Gara de Nord to Gara Progresul was approved.[citation needed]

Rolling stock edit

Despite being one of the newest lines on the network, the M4 runs old Astra IVA trains.

Parc Bazilescu station

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