Československé armády street at Bubeneč

Bubeneč is a district in the north-west of Prague. 52% of the district is in Prague 7, but most of the built-up area is in Prague 6. Sparta Prague football club and their stadium Generali Arena is situated at the south-eastern edge of Bubeneč, and the district also covers Stromovka park (Královská obora) and Výstaviště. The name Bubeneč is masculine, although Czech grammar rules also allow its use as a feminine.


The earliest mention of Bubeneč is in 1197. On 26 October 1904, Bubeneč acquired city status. Bubeneč was a city between 1904 and 1921, when it was merged with Prague. The area attracted large numbers of Russian immigrants in the period before World War II.


Coordinates: 50°06′17″N 14°23′54″E / 50.10472°N 14.39833°E / 50.10472; 14.39833