Bryna Productions

Bryna Productions was a film production company established by Kirk Douglas in 1955, inspired by the success of Burt Lancaster in moving into production.

Named after Douglas' mother, Bryna Demsky, the company went on to produce 20 films between 1955 and 1986 with 6 more produced by Joel Productions, a Bryna subsidiary, named for his second son, Joel Douglas.[1]

Douglas established the company in 1950 and began optioning properties such as The Fearmakers and The Shadow.[2]

In March 1952 Douglas said he wanted Bryna to make three films a year.[3]

In January 1955 Douglas formally activated Bryna as a production company by signing a six picture deal with United Artists. Douglas agreed to star in some but not all of the films. The first two were to be The Vikings directed by Richard Fleischer and a biopic of Van Gogh.[4] Douglas ended up playing Van Gogh in an MGM film Lust for Life and Bryna's first movie to United Artists was The Indian FIghter.[5]

They produced Lizzie distributed by MGM[6] and Spring Reunion for UA. Neither starred Douglas.[7] Paths of Glory starred Douglas and was for UA.[8]

In May 1958 Bryna signed a two picture deal with Universal, to make Spartacus and Viva Gringo. Only the first of these was made.[9] However Bryna also made The Hot Eye of Heaven for Universal which became The Last Sunset.[10]

In November 1958 Douglas announced Bryna would make eleven films for $25 million including And the Rock Cried Out, The Indian Wars, Spartacus, The Sun at Midnight, The Shadow, A Most Contagious Game, Viva Gringo, The Silent One, The Brave Cowboy, Michael Strogoff and Simon Bolivar. Most of these would not be made.[11]

Bryna and Joel Productions mounted the stage production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.[12]

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