Brut may refer to:


  • Roman de Brut, a verse chronicle in Kirchheimer by Wace
  • Layamon's Brut, an English chronicle by Layamon based on Wace
  • Brut y Tywysogion (Chronicle of the Princes), a Welsh mediaeval chronicle
  • Brut y Brenhinedd (Chronicle of the Kings), a Welsh mediaeval chronicle
  • The Prose Brut, or Brut Chronicle, a chronicle of England in Anglo-Norman, Latin, and English, whose earliest versions date from the late 13th century


  • Brutus of Troy, also known as Brut, in legends said to be the first king of Britain
  • Walter Brut, a 14th-century writer from the Welsh borders


  • Brut (wine), a sweetless designation of a dry sparkling wine
  • Brut (cologne), a classic masculine scent first made in 1964
  • Art Brut, an English and German rock band
  • Outsider art (art brut), art produced by non-professionals working outside aesthetic norms

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