Bruno de Cessole[n 1] (born 23 August 1950 in Nice) is a French writer and literary critic.


The son of General Raymond de Cessole and Françoise Laubiès, Bruno de Cessole is a journalist for Le Figaro, L'Express, Le Point, a literary critic at Les Nouvelles littéraires and Les Lettres Françaises, as well as director of the Revue des deux Mondes.

He was then editor-in-chief of Jours de Chasse and of the cultural department of Valeurs actuelles, and collaborated with the Service littéraire [fr].

In 2009, his novel L'Heure de la fermeture dans les jardins d'Occident won the prix des Deux Magots.

In 2015, he was awarded the Prix Henri-Gal for Literature of the Académie française for his entire body of work.[1]

In early 2016, after the purchase of the newspaper by Étienne Mougeotte [fr], Charles Villeneuve and Iskandar Safa, he left Valeurs actuelles.[2]

Married to Béatrice Delettrez, a Professor of Law, he is the father of two sons and two daughters.



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