Bruce T. Halle Library

The Bruce T. Halle Library, often simply referred to as Halle Library, is the sole library on the Eastern Michigan University campus.[2] It includes computer labs, study spaces, the Holman Learning Center (which provides free tutoring), a distance-learning classroom, the Faculty Development Center, the IT Help Desk, a multi-media area, a theater, an auditorium, the University archives, the carillon tower, and a Cafe.[2] It houses one of the largest collections of children's literature in the United States.[3][4] The building has full wireless connectivity, as well as Automated Retrieval Collection (ARC) system, capable of housing 1 million items. While the most-used books are still on shelves, the majority of the school's books are stored within this system, which runs several stories underneath the library itself. The library is named for EMU graduate Bruce Halle, founder of Discount Tire and major benefactor.

Bruce T. Halle Library
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LocationYpsilanti, Michigan
Coordinates42°14′55″N 83°37′39″W / 42.2487°N 83.6276°W / 42.2487; -83.6276Coordinates: 42°14′55″N 83°37′39″W / 42.2487°N 83.6276°W / 42.2487; -83.6276
SizeOver 1 million books[1]
Access and use
Population servedEastern Michigan University


Bruce T. Halle Library is the third library building in Eastern Michigan University's history. Past libraries include Old Main, R. Clyde Ford Hall, and University Library. The University Library is now the Eastern Michigan University College of Education, named Porter Hall. The first library on campus was a single room in the Old Main administration building. The first building that was dedicated as a library building was Ford Hall. Ford Hall was built in 1929 and University Library (Porter) was built in 1967. In the 1990s students began to advocate for a new library due to overcrowding. Halle Library was built on the site of the old physical plant building. The facility's Architectural Style is Post Modern. During the facility's dedication in 1998, students faculty and staff lined up between University Library (Porter Hall) and Halle Library. Participants passed books one by one between the two libraries as a poetic gesture. In 2009 the Library featured work of Jessica Park.[5]


Library from northeast corner

The 4 story library is 270,000 square feet (25,000 m2) and contains close to a million volumes split between a browsing level and an automated retrieval system (ARC).[2] The building was designed to contain 520 computer stations, 1,500 network connections, wireless internet, and a 70-seat teleconferencing room. The computer stations are broken down into a video studio, 6 computer classrooms, and 3 large computer labs. The carillon is A computer that produces the sounds of cast bells in the clock tower. Four speakers in the tower amplify the sound 1.5 miles (2.4 km).[2] The library contains traditional collections, the University Archives, the Map Library, a periodicals collection, government documents, children's literature and a browsing collection. The building also has a 100-seat auditorium, meeting rooms, Information Technology Help desk and the Eagle Cafe/snack store. The library houses one of the largest collections of children's literature in the United States.[3][4][6]

Automated Retrieval Collection (ARC)Edit

The Automated Retrieval Collection (ARC) was the second of its kind to be used in a university library.[2] The ARC system is part of a national trend towards condensed shelving and automatic access storage systems. Books that have not been checked out in ten years are placed in the ARC.[2][7]

Bruce T. HalleEdit

Bruce Halle was the Founder of Discount Tire and a graduate of EMU in 1965. When Halle enrolled in 1948 the school EMU was still the Michigan State Normal College. He served as the Chairman of Discount Tire Company, inc. until his death on January 4, 2018. [8]

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