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The Bruce Highway is a major highway in Queensland, Australia. Commencing in the state capital, Brisbane, it passes through areas close to the eastern coast on its way to Cairns in Far North Queensland. The route is part of the Australian National Highway and also part of Highway 1. Its length is approximately 1,682 kilometres (1,045 mi); it is entirely sealed with bitumen.

Bruce Highway
Map of Queensland with Bruce Highway highlighted in yellow
Type Highway
Length 1,682 km (1,045 mi)
Route number(s)
North end Captain Cook Highway (National Route 1 / State Route 44), CairnsQueensland
South end Gateway Motorway (M1), Bald HillsBrisbane
Major settlements Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Maryborough
Approximate road distances (in kilometres) of towns from Brisbane along the highway

The highway is named after a popular former Queensland and federal politician, Harry Bruce. Bruce was the state Minister for Works when the highway was named after him, in the mid-1930s, and was widely considered to be a good bloke.

The highway once passed through Brisbane, but was truncated at Bald Hills when the Gateway Motorway became National Highway 1 upon its opening in December 1986.

The highway is the biggest traffic carrier in Queensland. It initially joined all the major coastal centres; however, a number of bypasses, particularly in the south, have diverted traffic around these cities to expedite traffic flow and ease urban congestion. As a result, the highway is constantly being shortened. The road is a dual carriageway from Brisbane to Cooroy with some dual carriageway lengths at Gympie, many of these upgrades being completed in the 1980s (Glass House Mountains, Tanawha, Maryborough) and 1990s (Nambour, Yandina, and Cooroy).

The highway commences just south of the bridge over the Pine River at the Gateway Motorway interchange, 21 kilometres (13 mi) north of the Brisbane central business district. Recently[when?], the highway has changed its route numbering from National Highway 1 to the M1 (motorway road) or A1 (single carriageway, generally with overtaking lanes).[clarification needed]

Sugar cane train crossing, 2003

Major cities along the route include Maryborough, Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville, and Cairns. The highway passes the Glasshouse Mountains, rainforests and pastures in the Sunshine Coast, the Gunalda Range (north of Gympie), Mount Larcom (north of Gladstone), and the arid countryside north of Rockhampton; after that, it passes through land predominantly used for sugar cane, crop growing and dairy farms and the sub-tropics and tropics.



One of the most dramatic deviations of the highway was the Bald Hills to Burpengary Deviation. Beginning construction in 1972, the new route took traffic from Gympie Road at Bald Hills to Uhlmann Road at Burpengary along a much superior alignment which was also constructed to four lanes. The new route was officially opened on 10 November 1977 at a total cost of $20 million.[1]

Due to the nature of wet weather and tropical cyclone prone areas of North Queensland, the highway is prone to frequent flooding in a number of places. Following the catastrophic Queensland floods in 2010–2011 the Australian Government commissioned a feasibility study on flood-proofing the highway.[2]

Numerous stretches of the highway are set to undergo redevelopment, realignment, flood-proofing and extension of dual carriageway sections.[3] Former Premier Anna Bligh announced the plans while launching the Queensland Infrastructure Plan. The works are expected to total A$2 billion and include 60 projects over a period of two decades.[3]

A stretch of road between Cardwell and Tully, which is prone to frequent flooding in the wet season, is set to undergo realignment. A new route for the highway through Townsville was under construction with the first stage of the Townsville Ring Road (now called The Ring Road) already completed.

An upgrade to a stretch of the highway north of Townsville has been given approval, and will see the existing dual carriageway to the north extended by another 5–10 km.[vague][citation needed] It will also include installation of traffic lights at Mt Low Parkway, and will be the final stage of the Ring Road link up to this section by 2015. The Queensland Main Roads Department's ultimate concept map of the development shows that the highway will progressively become Motorway standard by 2015, with the implementation of interchanges at various junctions.

The highway south of Cairns will see sections of the highway to the suburb of Edmonton become six lanes, with progressive dual-carriageway redevelopment of the highway to Gordonvale.

To improve flood immunity of the highway south of Childers, a new and improved road alignment and a higher bridge over the Isis River were completed in September 2011.[4]

Between Caboolture and the Gateway Motorway, the highway has been widened to eight and six lanes since 2001, including the Dohles Rocks Road to Boundary Road section in October 2004, the Boundary Road to Uhlmann Road section in March 2007, and the latest section Uhlmann Road to Bribie Island Road in November 2009. Further upgrades are under review.

A new interchange has been built at the notorious intersection of Roys Road at Beerwah. It also connects to the nearby Bells Creek Road, eliminating another dangerous intersection.[5] This follows a similar situation at Buchanans Road in Morayfield, the intersection of which was replaced by an interchange in November 1996.

The Pumicestone Road interchange has also undergone a redesign, replacing the original low-level bridge and ramps constructed in October 1970.

The Nambour Bypass has recently gone through a process of rehabilitation due to the extremely rough surface and dangerous pothole appearances during wet weather. This work was completed in 2009.

As of 2014 Section B of the joint State and Federal funded 61 kilometres (38 mi) Cooroy to Curra upgrade of the highway is open. Due to the new highway change, one of the local schools, Federal State School, was relocated. Early works for Section A has commenced. When completed, the Cooroy to Curra upgrade will bypass the town of Gympie and a mainly 2 lane section will be replaced with a 4 lane dual-carriageway.[6]

Major upgrades: Bald Hills to CooroyEdit

Date Details
August 1966 Caboolture Bypass Stage 1. Single-carriageway completed between Burpengary Creek and Bribie Island Road.[7]
August 1970 Caboolture Bypass Stage 2. Single-carriageway completed between Bribie Island Road and Red Road.[8]
December 1972 Single-carriageway deviation between Eumundi and Cooroy, bypassing Eumundi Range Road.[9]
December 1973 Bald Hills to Burpengary Deviation Stage 1. 1.3 mile-long dual-carriageways completed between Roghan Road and Strathpine Road.[10]
December 1973 Beerwah Bypass. 2.5 km-long deviation completed between Roys Road and Foley Road including a new concrete bridge across Coochin Creek.[10]
November 1974 Browns Creek Deviation. 6 km-long single-carriageway completed between Browns Creek and Eerwah Vale.[11]
December 1974 Glasshouse Mountains Bypass. 1.5 km-long deviation completed between Glasshouse Mountains Sportsground and Kings Road including a new concrete bridge across Coonowrin Creek.[11]
August 1976 Eumundi Bypass. 2.4 km-long deviation completed between Eerwah Vale and Main Creek.[12]
2 August 1976 Bald Hills to Burpengary Deviation Stage 2. 12 km-long single-carriageway deviation completed between Strathpine Road and Boundary Road.[12]
March 1977 Bald Hills to Burpengary Deviation Stage 3. Second carriageway completed between Strathpine Road and Anzac Avenue.[12]
10 November 1977 Bald Hills to Burpengary Deviation Stage 4. Boundary Road to Deception Bay Road section completed.[13]
5 December 1978 Bribie Island Road Interchange.[14]
9 August 1979 Burpengary to Bribie Island Road Duplication. Second carriageway completed between Burpengary Creek and Bribie Island Road.[15]
9 December 1985 Beerburrum Creek to Caloundra Road Deviation. Major 26.5 km-long four lane deviation completed between Beerburrum Creek and Caloundra Road.[16]
September 1987 Caloundra Road to Sippy Creek duplication
December 1987 Station Road Overpass (at Burpengary)
16 November 1989 Tanawha Deviation. Four lane deviation completed between Caloundra Road and Maroochydore Road.
January 1990 Johnston Road Interchange. Grade-separated diamond interchange completed as part of Moby Vic's Service Centre development.
23 November 1990 Nambour Bypass Stage 1. Single-carriageway bypass of Nambour completed between Maroochydore Road and Parklands.
December 1992 Dohles Rocks Road half-interchange
20 December 1993 Nambour Bypass Stage 2. Second carriageway completed between Maroochydore Road and Parklands.
April 1994 Deception Bay Road northbound loop ramp
17 May 1994 Cooroy Bypass. Single-carriageway bypass of Cooroy officially opened by Minister for Transport David Hamill.[17]
17 July 1997 Yandina Bypass. Dual-carriageway bypass of Yandina officially opened by Federal Minister for Transport John Sharp.[18]
23 July 2002 Gateway Motorway to Dohles Rocks Road six-laning.
19 September 2003 Yandina to Cooroy Duplication. Dual-carriageways completed between Browns Creek and Eumundi Range.
20 January 2005 Dohles Rocks Road to Boundary Road six-laning. Six-lane upgrade completed between Dohles Rocks Road and Boundary Road, including upgrades to the Anzac Avenue interchange.[19]
12 March 2007 Boundary Road to Uhlmann Road six-laning. Six-lane upgrade completed between Boundary Road and Uhlmann Road, including upgrades to the Deception Bay Road and Uhlmann Road interchanges.[20]
5 November 2009 Uhlmann Road to Bribie Island Road six-laning. Six-lane upgrade completed between Uhlmann Road and Bribie Island Road, including upgrades to the Bribie Island Road interchange.

Major upgrades: Cooroy to RockhamptonEdit

Date Details
May 1940 Wallaville - Burnett River Bridge
December 1967 Ambrose to Raglan Deviation
April 1973 Gunalda Bypass
1974 Gavial Deviation (Rockhampton) - Roope Road to Egan's Hill
April 1975 Calliope River Bridge
August 1976 Bauple Bypass
May 1977 Bajool Bypass
May 1984 Howard-Torbanlea Deviation
7 October 1986 Rockhampton Deviation – Yeppen Yeppen Crossing to Egan's Hill
14 September 1990 Maryborough Bypass
16 November 1991 Glenwood Deviation
5 July 1999 Wallaville Deviation - Tim Fischer Bridge
14 February 2001 Gunalda Range Deviation
August 2011 Isis River Bridge replacement
18 December 2012 Cooroy to Curra Upgrade Section B
28 October 2013 Rockhampton – Yeppen North
11 June 2014 Calliope Interchange
22 October 2015 Rockhampton - Yeppen South
5 May 2017 Cooroy to Curra Upgrade Section A

Major upgrades: Rockhampton to TownsvilleEdit

Date Details
10 May 1973 Bowen - Don River Bridge
January 1975 Parkhurst - Ramsey Creek Bridge
23 December 1977 Mackay - Bakers Creek Deviation
12 July 1980 Mackay Deviation – Ron Camm Bridge
16 August 1980 Rockhampton Deviation – Neville Hewitt Bridge
29 October 1982 Marlborough-Sarina alignment change
September 1984 Thoopara - 3.4 km deviation and new bridge over O'Connell River
1991 Mackay City Gates - Realignment of Nebo Road at the City Gates with provision of an overpass to allow for future North Coast Railway realignment
25 May 1992 Townsville Deviation - Alignment change from Ingham/Charters Towers/Bowen Roads/Stuart Drive to Nathan/Duckworth Streets/University Road
July 1993 Barratta - Collinsons Lagoon realignment
December 1993 Barratta - Middle and East Barratta Creek realignments
20 April 1994 Yaamba/Milman Deviation - new alignment with higher-level bridges at Alligator and Plentiful Creeks in response to 1991 Flood
1995 Townsville - Charles N. Barton Bridge Duplication
18 December 1998 Mackay - Ron Camm Bridge duplication
December 2009 Mackay - Boundary Road to Farrellys Lane duplication and intersection upgrade
2012 Mackay - Boundary Road to City Gates intersection upgrades
October 2013 Mackay - Farrellys Road to Temples Lane duplication and intersection upgrades
February 2015 Brandon - Sandy Corner to Collinsons Lagoon realignment for flood mitigation and cane rail overpass
October 2015 Townsville - Vantassel Street to Cluden Drive duplication, rail overpass and intersection upgrades

Major upgrades: Townsville to CairnsEdit

Date Details
1959 Gordonvale/Aloomba Bypass Stage 1: Swan Creek to Riverstone Road, including Carl Wordsworth Bridge
1961 Gordonvale/Aloomba Bypass Stage 2: Mackey's Creek to Riverstone Road, bypass of Gordonvale
1962 Rollingstone Deviation
1963 Gordonvale/Aloomba Bypass Stage 3: Swan Creek to Leumann Road, bypass of Aloomba
1966 Gordonvale/Aloomba Bypass Stage 4: Leumann Road to Assman Road
1968 Bellenden Ker Deviation
28 September 1968 Ingham Deviation - John Row Bridge at Herbert River
December 1968 Bellenden Plains / Murray River Deviation - replaced in 2008 by Tully Deviation
October 1971 Townsville - Black River Bridge
9 July 1973 Innisfail Deviation – Centenary Bridge
1981 Innisfail - Sir Joseph McAvoy Bridge
10 November 1984 Rollingstone Creek - High-level bridge
23 April 1987 Cardwell Range Deviation (South)
4 December 1987 Mutarnee - Ollera Creek Bridge and Mutarnee Deviation
17 October 1991 Babinda Deviation Stage 1: Lloyd's Corner/Stager Road to Munro Street
1992 Babinda Deviation Stage 2: Munro Street to Nelson Road
1993 Babinda Deviation Stage 3: Nelson Road to Frenchmans Creek
March 1998 Townsville Deviation – Woolcock Street extension
1999 Edmonton Deviation - realignment and four-laning
2002 Cairns - Ray Jones Drive to Sheehy Road six-laning
2004 Cairns - Sheehy Road to Foster Road six-laning
2008 Tully deviation
17 April 2009 Townsville Ring Road Stage 3 - Change of course for National Highway A1
20 April 2009 Higher-level Mulgrave River Bridge - Desmond Trannore Bridge
June 2009 Mount Low Overpass Townsville
1 November 2013 Cardwell Range Deviation (North) [21]
May 2014 Cairns Southern Access Upgrade – Stage 1
In progress as of June 2016 Cairns Southern Access Upgrade – Stage 2: Foster Road to Robert Road six-laning
Completed December 2016 Townsville Ring Road Stage 4 - Change of course for National Highway A1


List of projects on the Bruce Highway
Project Length (km) Construction dates Value Status Description Distance from
Brisbane (km)
Start End
Caloundra Road to Sunshine Motorway 7 18 May 2017[22] Late 2020[22] $929.3 million[22] Under construction Six lane motorway and new service road along existing alignment. Diverging diamond interchange at Caloundra Road. 84
Cooroy to Federal 13.5 July 2013[23] Late 2016[23] $590 million[23] Under construction Section A of Cooroy to Curra. Four lane divided highway, new alignment. 126
Federal to Traveston 12 September 2009[24] December 2012[24] $513 million[24] Complete Section B of Cooroy to Curra. Four lane divided highway, new alignment. 140
Yeppen South 2.8 27 November 2013[25] 2016[25] $296 million[25] Under construction New elevated crossing across the Yeppen Floodplain as additional carriageway 628
Yeppen North 1 27 November 2013[26] $85 million[26] Complete Safety and traffic flow improvements 631
Mackay Ring Road (Stage 1) 11.3 Mid 2017[27] Late 2019[27] $560 million[27] In planning Two lane highway, new alignment. 963
Townsville Ring Road (Section 4) 11 TBA TBA $200 million[28] In planning 4 lane motorway, new alignment. 1366
Cairns Bruce Highway Upgrade (Sheehy Road to Ray Jones Drive) 3.4 2010[29] April 2014[29] $150 million[29] Complete New interchanges, widening of road 1696
The Bruce Highway in Cairns southern suburbs at morning peak hour.

Highway townsEdit

Major intersectionsEdit

To avoid unnecessary length this table does not show any bridges.

LGA Location km[30] mi Exit Destinations Notes
Brisbane Bald Hills 0 0.0 127     Gateway Motorway (M1) south-east  – Gold Coast, Brisbane Airport /
Gympie Arterial Road (M3) south - Brisbane
Southern highway terminus; partial Y interchange: no access between Gateway Motorway and Gympie Arterial Road
Moreton Bay GriffinMurrumba Downs boundary 2.5 1.6 130 Dohles Rocks Road – Murrumba Downs, Griffin Half-diamond interchange: northbound exit and southbound entrance
KallangurMango Hill
North Lakes tripoint
5.6 3.5 133   Anzac Avenue (State Route 71) – Petrie, Redcliffe Parclo interchange
North Lakes–DakabinNarangba tripoint 10.3 6.4 138 Boundary Road – Dakabin, Deception Bay Parclo interchange
Deception BayBurpengary boundary 14.1 8.8 142   Deception Bay Road (State Route 26) - east – Deception Bay /
west – Burpengary, Narangba
Burpengary 18.6 11.6 146   Uhlmann Road (State Route 60) - west – Burpengary, Morayfield /
Uhlmann Road (no shield) - east – Burpengary East
Burpengary–Morayfield boundary 20.3 12.6 Caboolture BP Travel Centre
Morayfield 22.1 13.7 150 Buchanan Road – Morayfield Dumbbell interchange
Caboolture 24.5 15.2 152 Lower King Street west / Bribe Island Road east – Caboolture, Bribie Island Parclo interchange; northern ramps merge with D'Aguilar Highway southern ramps
26.1 16.2   D'Aguilar Highway (State Route 85) – Kilcoy Trumpet interchange
Caboolture–Elimbah boundary 29.6 18.4 Pumicestone Road – Elimbah, Toorbul, Donnybrook Diamond interchange, upgrade currently under construction
Elimbah 35.5 22.1   Steve Irwin Way (Tourist Drive 24) – Beerwah, Glass House Mountains
Sunshine Coast Glass House Mountains
Coochin Creek boundary
43.2 26.8 Johnston Road – Mobil Service Centre, Wild Horse Mountain Lookout
Meridan PlainsGlenview boundary 60.6 37.7    Steve Irwin Way (State Route 6 / Tourist Drive 24) west / Caloundra Road (State Route 6) east Parclo interchange
Palmview 61.8–
Fizzo Road north / Pignata Road south – Glenview, Palmview Frontage roads
TanawhaSippy Downs boundary 66.2 41.1 194   Sunshine Motorway (State Route 70) – Buderim, Mooloolaba
Forest GlenChevallum boundary 71.5–
Mons Road – Forest Glen, Buderim
Woombye 73.7 45.8   Maroochydore Road (State Route 8) east / Nambour Connection Road west – Nambour, Woombye, Maroochydore, Big Pineapple Roundabout interchange
Bli BliNambour boundary 80.7 50.1     Nambour–Bli Bli Road (State Route 10 east / Tourist Drive 23 west) – Nambour, Bli Bli, Mapleton, Sunshine Coast Airport Dumbbell interchange
Bli Bli–ParklandsKulangoor[31] tripoint 83.0 51.6 Nambour Connection Road – Parklands Partial parclo interchange: no northbound entrance ramp
Yandina 87.4 54.3   Yandina–Coolum Road (State Route 11) – Yandina, Coolum Beach Dumbbell interchange
Eumundi 95.8 59.5   Eumundi–Noosa Road (State Route 12 east) – Eumundi, Noosa, Kenilworth Hybrid interchange; northbound exit and southbound entrance only
Eerwah Vale 98.5 61.2 Memorial Drive / Eumundi–Kenilworth Road – Eumundi, Noosa, Kenilworth Hybrid interchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance only
Noosa Cooroy 103 64   Myall Street (State Route 6) – Cooroy, Noosa Trumpet interchange; route transition: northern end of M1, southern end of A1
Gympie Gympie 144 89   Mary Valley Road (State Route 51) – Kandanga
Bells Bridge 159 99   Wide Bay Highway (State Route 49) – Kilkivan
Fraser Coast Tinana 227 141   Gympie Road (State Route 57) – Maryborough, Hervey Bay
Bundaberg Childers 289 180   Isis Highway (State Route 52) south – Biggenden
Apple Tree CreekNorth Isis[32] boundary 296 184   Isis Highway (State Route 3) north – Bundaberg, Bargara Partially grade separated
Gin Gin 344 214   Gin Gin Road (State Route 3) – Bundaberg
Gladstone BenarabyWurdong Heights[33] boundary 491 305   Gladstone–Benaraby Road (State Route 58) – Gladstone
Calliope 502 312   Dawson Highway (State Route 60) – Calliope, Rolleston, Gladstone Diamond interchange with additional looped ramp
Mount Larcom 536 333   Gladstone–Mount Larcom Road (State Route 58) – Gladstone
Rockhampton GracemerePort Curtis boundary 605 376   Burnett Highway (A3) – Mount Morgan, Dululu
Port Curtis–Fairy Bower[34] boundary 608 378   Capricorn Highway (A4) – Gracemere, Emerald Roundabout
Rockhampton 612 380 Fitzroy Street to Rockhampton–Emu Park Road – Emu Park
Parkhurst 621 386   Yeppoon Road (Tourist Drive 10) – Yeppoon
Mackay OoraleaPagetWest Mackay tripoint[35] 943 586   Peak Downs Highway (State Route 70) – Nebo, Eungella
Townsville Stuart 1,324 823   Flinders Highway (A6) – Charters Towers
Johnstone BelvedereGoondi boundary 1,599 994   Palmerston Highway (State Route 25) – Millaa Millaa, Atherton
Cairns Gordonvale 1,659 1,031   Gillies Highway (State Route 52) – Yungaburra, Atherton
Cairns 1,682 1,045   Captain Cook Highway (National Route 1) – Mareeba, Mossman Northern highway terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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