Broxburn railway station

Broxburn railway station served the town of Broxburn, West Lothian, Scotland, from 1843 to 1849 on the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway.

General information
LocationBroxburn, West Lothian
Other information
Original companyEdinburgh and Glasgow Railway
Key dates
August 1843 (1843-08)Opened
October 1844Closed
June 1848Re-sited
12 November 1849 (1849-11-12)Closed permanently

History edit

The station was opened in August 1843 by the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway. The first site was too distant from the town so it closed a year later in October 1844. The second site opened in June 1848, this time being situated less than a mile from the town. This didn't prove to be any better so it closed permanently on 12 November 1849.[1]

References edit

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