Brovarskyi prospect

Brovarskyi prospect (Ukrainian: Броварський проспект) is a arterial and the longest public roadway in Kyiv, Ukraine. It stretches from the Kyiv Metro Bridge over Dnieper to the city of Brovary.

Brovarskyi prospect
Наземный участок Святошинско-Броварской линии.jpg
Native name Броварський проспект  (Ukrainian)
Former name(s) 60th anniversary of the October
Namesake Brovary (eastern direction)
Length 13.2 km (8.2 mi)
Width 4 lanes each way
Area Peredmostova slobidka, Mykilska slobidka, Sotsmisto, Lisovyi masyv, Bykivnia
Location Kyiv, Ukraine
Postal code 02002, 02089, 02206, 02660
Coordinates 50°26′39″N 30°34′13″E / 50.44417°N 30.57028°E / 50.44417; 30.57028Coordinates: 50°26′39″N 30°34′13″E / 50.44417°N 30.57028°E / 50.44417; 30.57028
West end Metro Bridge
East end Brovary
Commissioned 1973

The roadway was created in the second half of the 20th century (1973), previously known as Brovarske highway (chaussee).

Most of the roadway is part of the M01 main route (except for the segment between Metro Bridge and vulytsia Bratyslavska). Along the prospect are located several overpasses and bridges. There are also five metro stations of the Sviatoshynsko–Brovarska line as well as couple of railway stations.

From the Metro Bridge it passes Livoberezhnyi Masyv, continues between Lisovyi Masyv on north side and Kyiv Sotsmisto with Kyiv Radykal Factory on south side before it dives into Bykivnia Forest that separates Brovary from Kyiv. Within the Bykivnia Forest, prospect passes an oscillated residential community Bykivnia, better known for its Bykivnia Graves memorial park, and a bird farm "Kyivska".

Before the 20th century it existed as the road that was stretching east of the Nicholas Chain Bridge passing through Mykilska Slobidka (Nicholas Village) continuing through big Bykivnia Forest towards Brovary. On the maps of 19th century Bykivnia Forest occupied bigger territories over today's "Lisovyi Masyv" and "Sotsmisto".

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