Brother's Keeper (Neville Brothers album)

Brother's Keeper is the fifth studio album by the New Orleans band, The Neville Brothers. It was released in 1990 on A&M Records.

Brother's Keeper
The Neville Brothers - Brother's Keeper Cover.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedAugust 7, 1990
RecordedUltrasonic Studios, New Orleans
GenreNew Orleans R&B, soul, funk
ProducerMalcolm Burn, The Neville Brothers
The Neville Brothers chronology
Yellow Moon
Brother's Keeper
Family Groove
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3.0/5 stars [1]

The album features background vocals performed by Linda Ronstadt on "Fearless", as well as Buffy Sainte-Marie and Marva Wright on "Sons and Daughters."

Critical receptionEdit

Cee Dee of Off Beat Magazine begins the review of Brother's Keeper with, "Set to hit the streets on August 7, The Nevilles’ latest is probably the most-anticipated album in recent New Orleans history. And this album was well worth the wait."[2]

Chris Willman of the LA Times concludes his review with, "the brothers have produced yet another keeper."[3]

Curt Fields has mixed feelings about the album and writes, "To be sure, there are some incandescent moments on Brother's Keeper, but they are fewer in number than the group's fans are accustomed to hearing."[4]

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Track listingEdit

1."Brother Blood"Charles Neville; Ron Cuccia4:34
2."Brother Jake"Aaron Neville; Joel Neville; Cyril Neville; Art Neville; Charles Neville; Willie Green; Tony Hall; Renard Poché4:47
3."Steer Me Right"Aaron Neville; Joel Neville; Cyril Neville; Art Neville; Charles Neville; Willie Green; Tony Hall; Malcolm Burn3:15
4."Fearless" (background vocals by Linda Ronstadt)Gary Nicholson; Wally Wilson; Brian Stoltz4:12
5."Sons and Daughters" (background vocals by Buffy Sainte-Marie and Marva Wright)Art Neville; Malcolm Burn; Lorraine Neville; Arthel Neville; Ian Neville5:02
6."Fallin' Rain"Link Wray4:01
7."Jah Love"Cyril Neville; Bono3:22
8."River of Life"Cyril Neville; Darryl Johnson; Brian Stoltz5:19
9."Witness"Cyril Neville; Hack Bartholomew; Willie Green4:04
10."My Brother's Keeper"Aaron Neville; Joel Neville; Cyril Neville; Art Neville; Charles Neville; Willie Green; Tony Hall3:36
11."Sons And Daughters (Reprise)"Art Neville; Malcolm Burn; Lorraine Neville; Arthel Neville; Ian Neville4:09
12."Mystery Train"Sam Phillips; Herman Parker4:31
13."Bird On A Wire"Leonard Cohen5:01
Total length:55:53
  • Track information and credits verified from the album's liner notes.[5]


  • Aaron Neville: vocals, keys, percussion
  • Art Neville: vocals, keys
  • Cyril Neville: vocals, percussion
  • Charles Neville: vocals, saxophone, percussion, keys
  • Willie Green: drums
  • Tony Hall: bass, background vocals
  • Eric Struthers: guitar
  • Leo Nocentetelli: guitar
  • Daryl Johnson: additional bass, guitar, keys, background vocals
  • Ronald Jones: additional drums
  • Wally Wilson: keys on "Fearless"
  • Brian Stoltz: acoustic guitar & keys on "Fearless"
  • Bill Dillon: additional guitar on "Fearless"
  • Daniel Lanois: additional guitar on "Fearless"
  • Eugene Ross: additional guitar on "Witness"
  • Herman Bartholomew: trumper, vocal & piano on "Witness"
  • Renard Poché: trombone & guitar solo on "Brother Jake"
  • Tim Green: tenor sax
  • Fred Kemp: baritone sax
  • Roger Lewis: baritone sax
  • Reggie Houston: baritone sax
  • Ivan Neville: vocals on "Brother Jake"
  • Gaynielle Neville: background vocals on "Brother Blood"
  • Linda Ronstadt: background vocals on "Fearless"
  • Buffy Sainte-Marie: background vocals on "Sons and Daughters"
  • Marva Wright: background vocals on "Sons and Daughters"
  • Malcolm Burn: additional instruments and background vocals
  • Steve Jordan: vocals, additional drums, guitars, additional bass on "River of Life"
  • Snakebite: baritone sax on "River of Life"
  • George Sartin: guitar on "River of Life"
  • Emanuel Steib: trombone on "River of Life"
  • Charles Brady and Eric Colb: ideas and inspiration on "Sons and Daughters


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