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The hospital, originally known as Essex County Hospital, was designed as a hospital for the treatment of tuberculosis patients and was built between June 1937 and 1940.[1] It had "butterfly" wings that caught the sun for the benefit of the patients.[1] During the 1960s the hospital diversified from tuberculosis treatment and dealt with more general surgery, orthopaedics and general medicine.[1] A large outpatients clinic was also built at this time.[1]

By the early 1980s facilities included an accident and emergency department, pharmacy, rehabilitation department, operating theatres, intensive therapy unit and new specialised wards.[1] A CT Scanner was unveiled by the Princess Royal in 1987 and she returned to open a new ward block in 1987.[1] A new East Wing, a new Diabetic Centre and a new Medical Assessment Unit were all opened between 1998 and 1999.[1]

Further new facilities, including a new accident and emergency facility, new intensive care facilities, new theatres for day surgery, a new pathology department, a new maternity department, improved facilities for neo-natal intensive care, a new children’s department and a rooftop helipad were procured under a Private Finance Initiative contract in 2007.[2] The works, which were designed by Llewelyn Davies[3] and carried out by Bouygues at a cost of £180 million, were completed in 2010.[2]

Sam Penry, a diagnostic radiographer at the hospital, was awarded the "UK Radiographer of the Year" title by the Society and College of Radiographers in 2017.[4]

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