British Pharmacological Society

The British Pharmacological Society is the primary UK learned society for pharmacologists concerned with research into drugs and the way they work. Members work in academia, industry, regulatory agencies and the health services, and many are medically qualified. The Society covers the whole spectrum of pharmacology, including laboratory, clinical, and toxicological aspects.

Clinical pharmacology is the medical speciality dedicated to promoting safe and effective use of medicines for patient benefit. Clinical pharmacologists work as consultants in the National Health Service and many hold prominent positions in UK universities.


The Society was founded in 1931, in Oxford, by a group of about 20 pharmacologists.[1] They were brought together on the initiative of Professor J.A. Gunn, by a letter signed by Gunn, H.H. Dale, and W.E. Dixon and sent to the heads of departments for teaching pharmacology and of institutions for pharmacological research in Great Britain, with proposals for the formation of a pharmacological club. There were favorable replies to this letter, and most of the recipients met in Wadham College on the evening of 3 July 1931, the day before the meeting of the Physiological Society. Gunn presided over the meeting. It was agreed that a Society should be founded to meet at least once a year for the reading of papers on pharmacological subjects and the discussion of questions of teaching and publications and to promote friendly relations between pharmacologists.[2][3]

The first female member of the society was Mary Pickford (1935), and other early, eminent women include Marthe Vogt and Edith Bülbring.[4]


The British Pharmacological Society publishes several works which promote pharmacology:


Secretary and Treasurer


  • 1947 - G. Brownlee
  • 1952 - D. R. Wood
  • 1955 - M. Weatherall
  • 1956 - D. R. Wood
  • 1957 - W.L. M. Perry
  • 1961 - J. D. P. Graham

General Secretary

  • 1968 - J. P. Quilliam
  • 1971 - John R. Vane
  • 1974 - J. F. Mitchell
  • 1977 - G. P. Lewis
  • 1980 - A. M. Barrett
  • 1983 - T. Birmingham
  • 1986 - G. N. Woodruff
  • 1989 - A. R. Green
  • 1992 - J. Maclagan
  • 1995 - N.G. Bowery
  • 1998 - T. P. Blackburn


  • 1999 - N.G. Bowery
  • 2001 - Rod. J. Flower
  • 2004 - J. C. Buckingham
  • 2006 - G. Henderson
  • 2008 - Jeff K. Aronson
  • 2010 - Raymond G. Hill
  • 2012 - Phil A. Routledge
  • 2014 - Humphrey P. Rang
  • 2016 - David Webb
  • 2018 - Steve Hill

Eminent pharmacologistsEdit

The society elects eminent, deceased contributors the subject of pharmacology, whether or not they were members, to the Pharmacology Hall of Fame:

Members of the society awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine include Black, Dale and Vane.

Fellows of the societyEdit

Fellowships (FBPhS) of the society are awarded to members who have made significant contribution to both the study of pharmacology and the Society.[10] A full ist of Fellows is available here .[11] Honorary Fellowships (HonFBPhS) are awarded to member or non-members for distinguished and sustained leadership role in Pharmacology. Fellows and Honorary Fellows use the post-nominal FBPhS. Notable honorary fellows include:

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