British Fell Running Championships

The first British Fell Running Championships, then known as Fell Runner of the Year, were held in 1972 and the scoring was based on results in all fell races. In 1976 this was changed to the runner's best ten category A races and further changes took place to the format in later years. Starting with the 1986 season, an English Fell Running Championships series has also taken place, based on results in various races of different lengths over the year.[1]

Winners of British championshipsEdit

The winners of the British Championships have been as follows.[2]

Year Men Women
1972 Dave Cannon
1973 Harry Walker
1974 Jeff Norman
1975 Mike Short
1976 Martin Weeks
1977 Alan McGee
1978 Mike Short
1979 Andy Styan Ros Coats
1980 Billy Bland Pauline Haworth
1981 John Wild Ros Coats
1982 John Wild Sue Parkin
1983 Kenny Stuart Angela Carson
1984 Kenny Stuart Pauline Haworth
1985 Kenny Stuart Pauline Haworth
1986 Jack Maitland Angela Carson
1987 Colin Donnelly Jacky Smith
1988 Colin Donnelly Clare Crofts
1989 Colin Donnelly Ruth Pickvance
1990 Gary Devine Trish Calder
1991 Keith Anderson Trish Calder
1992 Steve Hawkins Clare Crofts
1993 Mark Croasdale Angela Brand-Barker
1994 Mark Kinch Angela Brand-Barker
1995 Mark Kinch Sarah Rowell
1996 Ian Holmes Sarah Rowell
1997 Ian Holmes and Mark Roberts Angela Mudge
1998 Ian Holmes Angela Mudge
1999 Gavin Bland Angela Mudge
2000 Ian Holmes Angela Mudge
2001 Cancelled due to foot-and-mouth outbreak
2002 Simon Booth Andrea Priestley and Louise Sharp
2003 Rob Jebb Louise Sharp
2004 Simon Bailey Tracey Brindley
2005 Simon Booth Jill Mykura
2006 Rob Jebb Natalie White
2007 Rob Hope Janet McIver
2008 Rob Hope Angela Mudge
2009 Rob Hope Philippa Jackson
2010 Tim Davies Philippa Maddams
2011 Morgan Donnelly Philippa Maddams
2012 Joe Symonds Lauren Jeska
2013 Rob Jebb Victoria Wilkinson and Helen Fines
2014 Rob Hope Victoria Wilkinson and Jacqueline Lee
2015 Finlay Wild Jasmin Paris
2016 Rhys Findlay-Robinson Lou Roberts
2017 Carl Bell and Chris Arthur Bronwen Jenkinson
2018 Sam Tosh Jasmin Paris
2019 Carl Bell Kelli Roberts


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