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Brisbane Premier League

The Brisbane Premier League (BPL), also known as the Flight Centre Premier League, is the first tier of senior football in Brisbane, Queensland (third tier in Queensland and fourth overall in Australia). It is run and administered by Football Brisbane. Twelve teams play a twenty-two match regular season, with the team at the top of the table designated as 'Premiers', and the top four teams qualifying for a finals series.

Brisbane Premier League (BPL)
Brisbane Premier League.png
Country Australia
Number of teams12
Level on pyramid4
Relegation toCapital League 1
Domestic cup(s)Canale Cup
Current premiersAlbany Creek (2018)
2017 Brisbane Premier League

There is no promotion and relegation between the BPL and the Queensland Premier League (the second tier league in Queensland from season 2018 onwards). The bottom two teams in the BPL at the end of the season are relegated to the next tier in Brisbane, Capital League 1 (subject to the potentially promoted teams from Capital League 1 satisfying Football Brisbane's criteria regarding grounds and facilities).

Current clubsEdit

The teams for Season 2019 are shown in alphabetical order in the table below.

Team Home Ground Location Founded
Acacia Ridge Ron Proud Field Acacia Ridge 1963
Albany Creek Wolter Park Albany Creek 1963
Bayside United Don Randall Oval Lota 1974
Brisbane Knights Croatian Sports Centre Rocklea 1957
Caboolture SFC Grant Road Sports Complex Caboolture 1969
Centenary Stormers Atthows Park Darra 2000
Grange Thistle Lanham Park Grange 1919
North Pine Bob Brock Park Dakabin 1974
Taringa Rovers Jack Speare Park Taringa 1949
The Gap Walton Bridge Reserve The Gap 1955
Toowong Dunmore Park Auchenflower 1921
University of Queensland University Of Queensland St Lucia 1955


1 Challenge Cup held as a knockout competition (see section on Charity Cup competition).
2 Ipswich and West Moreton Association competition continued during these seasons.
3 Competition restricted to Second and Third Divisions and Junior competitions.

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The league and its lower divisions are covered by several local newspapers throughout the city, suburbs and surrounding areas including Ipswich and Toowoomba. Highlights of matches, often at least 2 matches per round, in the league are put together by FB Media (the Media arm of Football Brisbane). Live scores and updates from all Brisbane Premier League matches can be found on The Washing Line Facebook page. The Washing Line website also publishes reports, previews and newspaper articles from around the city. The website built upon the Unofficial site which began media coverage of the league in 2007. From 2012, the newly founded 'FB Media' has been producing weekly podcasts which can be downloaded from The Washing Line website featuring prominent guests including James Meyer, Miron Bleiberg, Matt Mundy and a wide variety of coaches and players from the Brisbane Premier League. Some games are covered by PaulyTV and FBTV .

Media milestonesEdit

  • On Sunday 23 May 2010, a match between Brisbane Wolves and Pine Rivers United became the first BPL match to be streamed live on the internet. Wolves won 5–2.
  • On Saturday 11 June 2011, a match between Redlands United and Olympic FC featured on The Danny Baker Show in the UK, on BBC Radio 5 Live. Olympic won 3–2.
  • At the end of the 2011 season following the success of Wolves FC, 18 goal centreback Patrick Hopkins was scouted via FBTV match highlights for Ljungskile SK in Sweden. In need of a forward, the league's top scorer Steffen Vroom soon followed.


From 2014 to 2015 the Brisbane Premier League was known as the Trophy Superstore Premier League.

2014 - 2015 Trophy Superstore Premier League Logo

This changed in 2016 when Flight Centre became the league sponsors, thus known as the Flight Centre Premier League.

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