Brigade of Guards

The Brigade of Guards was an administrative formation of the British Army from 1856 to 1968. It was commanded by the Major-General commanding the Brigade of Guards and was responsible for administering the guards regiments.

After the Second World War the British Army had fourteen infantry depots, each bearing a letter. Infantry Depot A at Wellington Barracks was the headquarters for the five guards regiments.[1]

In line with the reforms of the army, it was renamed as the Guards Division on 1 July 1968.[2]


A sentry from the Grenadier Guards on duty outside Buckingham Palace
  • 1st Battalion, Grenadier Guards [1656-]
  • 2nd Battalion, Grenadier Guards [1656-1994]
  • 3rd Battalion, Grenadier Guards [1760-1961]
  • 1st Battalion, Coldstream Guards [1650-]
  • 2nd Battalion, Coldstream Guards [1711-1994]
  • 3rd Battalion, Coldstream Guards [1897-1959]
  • 1st Battalion, Scots Guards [1660-]
  • 2nd Battalion, Scots Guards [1689-1994]
  • 1st Battalion, Irish Guards [1900-]
  • 1st Battalion, Welsh Guards [1915-]
  • Guards Machine Gun Regiment [1917-1920]
  • Composite Guards Parachute Battalion [1946-1948]
  • Guards Independent Parachute Company [1948-1968]


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