Brickellia veronicifolia

Brickellia veronicifolia is a North American species of plants in the sunflower family. It is widespread across much of Mexico, from Chihuahua to Oaxaca.[2] In the United States, it very rare, found only in the Chisos Mountains inside Big Bend National Park in Texas, and also in Otero County in New Mexico.[3]

Brickellia veronicifolia
Scientific classification
B. veronicifolia
Binomial name
Brickellia veronicifolia
(Kunth) A.Gray
  • Brickellia veronicaefolia (Kunth) A.Gray
  • Eupatorium veronicifolium Kunth
  • Eupatorium veronicaefolium Kunth

Brickellia veronicifolia is a shrub up to 90 cm (3 feet) tall. It produces large numbers of small, pale yellow or cream-colored flower heads.[4]

Brickellia veronicifolia contains high amounts of essential oils, Germacrene D, a natural insecticide[5] and the two flavonoids brickellin[6] and eupatolitin.[7]


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