Brian Cox (director)

Brian Cox is an American writer, director and producer of various independent films and television. He is perhaps best known for the films Scorpion Spring, Keepin' It Real and the live-action adaption of El Muerto: The Aztec Zombie,[1][2] the latter of which won the Best Feature Film Award at the first annual Whittier Film Festival. One of his first credited roles in film was as a script consultant for the 1990 thriller film Behind Bedroom Doors II.[3]

Brian Cox
Occupationproducer, Writer, director
Years active1990–present
Spouse(s)Catherine Tirr died August 2019

Cox is well known for his versatility in differing genres and prefers his films to be more character-driven than to be filled with special effects.[citation needed]



Year Film Notes

1990 in film Terminal Bliss feature film run time 100 min. producer

1993 The Obit Writer Short film, runtime: 25 min.
1996 Scorpion Spring
2001 Keepin' It Real Nominated for Best Screenplay at the DVD Exclusive Awards[4]
2007 El Muerto Awarded Best Feature Film at the Whittier Film Festival[5][6]
2014 Kite


Year Program Notes
2000 Oz Gray Matter (episode 29)
2002 Studio Bob


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