Brewster's Millions (play)

Brewster's Millions is a play written by Winchell Smith and Byron Ongley, based on the 1902 novel of the same name by George Barr McCutcheon. Producers Frederic Thompson and Elmer "Skip" Dundy staged it on Broadway in 1906. The play is about a young man who must spend a million dollars that he has inherited in order to inherit many millions more.[1]

Brewster's Millions
Written byWinchell Smith and Byron Ongley
Date premieredDecember 31, 1906 (1906-12-31)
Place premieredNew Amsterdam Theatre
Original languageEnglish

Broadway productionEdit

An image from a promotional postcard shows a scene set aboard a yacht.

Thompson and Dundy previewed the play at the Taylor Opera House in Trenton, New Jersey, starting on October 11, 1906.[2] It debuted on Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theatre on December 31, 1906. The production transferred to the Hudson Theatre on February 25, 1907, with the same cast.[3]

The characters and cast from the Broadway production are given below:

Cast of the Broadway production
Character Broadway cast
Montgomery Brewster Edward Abeles
Fred Gardner Leslie Bassett
Horace Pettingill Gaston Bell
Trixie Clayton Cecile Breton
Rawles George Clare
Subway Smith Jack Devereaux
Archibald Vanderpool Sumner Gard
Frank Bragdon Willard Howe
Colonel Drew Nestor Lennon
Mrs. Dan De Mille Emily Lytton
Thomas Arthur Morris
Barbara Drew Olive Murray
Janice Armstrong Josephine Park
Nopper Harrison George Probert
Monsieur Bargie Eugene Redding
Mr. Grant Albert Sackett
Joseph MacCloud Joseph Woodburn


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