Brescia and Garda Prealps

The Brescia and Garda Prealps (Prealpi Bresciane e Gardesane in Italian) are a mountain range in the southern part of the Alps. They are located mainly in Lombardy but also in Trentino Alto Adige and in Veneto, in the northern part of Italy.

Brescia and Garda Prealps
Prealpi Bresciane e Gardesane
SOIUSA-Alpi Orientali-sezione30.png
Brescia and Garda Prealps (section nr.30) within Eastern Alps
Highest point
PeakMonte Cadria
Elevation2,254 m (7,395 ft)
Coordinates45°56′23″N 10°41′50″E / 45.93972°N 10.69722°E / 45.93972; 10.69722Coordinates: 45°56′23″N 10°41′50″E / 45.93972°N 10.69722°E / 45.93972; 10.69722
RegionLombardy, Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol
ProvinceBrescia, Verona and Trento
Parent rangeAlps
Borders onBergamasque Alps and Prealps, Southern Rhaetian Alps and Venetian Prealps
OrogenyAlpine orogeny
Type of rockSedimentary rocks[1]


Administratively the range is divided between the Italian provinces of Trento (in the Region of Trentino Alto Adige), Verona (in the Region of Veneto) and Brescia (in the Region of Lombardy).

The easternmost slopes of the mountains are drained by the Adige, the central ande western part of the range by Chiese, Sarca, Oglio and other minor rivers and streams, all of them tributaries of the Po .

SOIUSA classificationEdit

According to SOIUSA (International Standardized Mountain Subdivision of the Alps) the mountain range is an Alpine section, classified in the following way:[2]


Brescia and Garda Prealps' borders are (clockwise):


The Brescia and Garda Prealps are subdivided into two subsections:[2]

which are separated by the Valle Sabbia.

These subsections are further divided in supergroups:

  • Brescia Prealps:
    • supergroup Catena Setteventi-Muffetto-Guglielmo - SOIUSA code:II/C-30.I-A,[3]
    • supergroup Catena Dosso Alto-Monte Palo - SOIUSA code:II/C-30.I-B;[4]
  • Garda Prealps:
    • supergroup Prealpi Giudicarie - SOIUSA code:II/C-30.II-A,
    • supergroup Prealpi Gardesane Sud-occidentali - SOIUSA code:II/C-30.II-B,
    • supergroup Prealpi Gardesane Orientali - SOIUSA code:II/C-30.II-C.


The chief summits of the range are:

Name metres feet
Monte Cadria 2,254 7,393
Monte Baldo 2,218 7,275
Monte Colombine 2,215 7,265
Monte Bondone 2,160 7,084
Monte Tofino 2,151 7,057
Monte Altissimo 2,127 6,976
Dosso Alto 2,065 6,773
Monte Muffetto 2,060 6,756
Monte Caplone 1,977 6,550
Monte Tombea 1,976 6,481
Monte Tremalzo 1,975 6,478
Monte Guglielmo 1,957 6,419
Monte Pizzocolo 1,582 5,189
Monte Manos 1,517 4,976
Monte Stino 1,466 4,808
Monte Vesta 1,400 4,592
Corna Trentapassi 1,248 4,094


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