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Brenda Curtis

Brenda Curtis is an old-time radio soap opera in the United States. It was broadcast on CBS September 11, 1939 - January 19, 1940.[1]

Brenda Curtis
Vicki Vola 1937.jpg
Brenda Curtis star Vicki Vola
Genre Soap opera
Running time 15 minutes
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
Syndicates CBS
Starring Vicki Vola
Announcer Ken Roberts
Written by Lee Gebhart
Produced by Diana Bourbon
Original release September 11, 1939 – January 19, 1940
Opening theme Melody in F
Sponsored by Campbell Soups


The A to Z of American Radio Soap Operas, by Jim Cox, summarized the plot line of the program as follows: "Brenda Curtis was a promising actress who relinquished her career to be a homemaker in New York City. Domestic troubles included the downturn of her husband Jim's law practice."[2]

The 15-minute program was heard on weekdays and was sponsored by Campbell Soups.[1]


Characters in Brenda Curtis and the actors who portrayed them are shown in the table below.

Character Actor
Brenda Curtis Vicki Vola
Jim Curtis Michael Fitzmaurice
Hugh Marlowe
Myra Belden Helen Choate
Brenda's mother Agnes Moorehead
Stacey Gordon Matt Crowley[3]
Ziggy Bernstein Charles Cantor[3]
Cleo Juanita Hall[3]
Peggy Curtis Margaret R. Lipper[3]
Gloria Bennett Kathleen Niday[3]

Source: Radio Programs, 1924-1984: A Catalog of More Than 1800 Shows[4] except as noted.

Ken Roberts was the announcer. Lew White and George Heninger provided the music. Lee Gebhart was the writer, and Diana Bourbon was the producer.[3]


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