Brekete Family

Brekete Family is a reality radio and television program focused on human rights. It airs on radio and cable television, and streams online through social media platforms[1] and Human Rights Radio 101.1 in Abuja, Nigeria. The program is focused on protecting the rights of the downtrodden, helping to provide justice for the voiceless, and stimulating Nigerians to care for the oppressed.

Brekete Family
FoundedStarted in 2009 by Ordinary Ahmed Isah in Nigeria
Servicesproviding justice to oppressed, investigation, human rights promotion & protection, broadcasting.
FieldsHuman rights, investigative journalism, broadcasting, anti-corruption
Ordinary Ahmed Isah

History and backgroundEdit

Brekete Family was founded by Ahmed Isah.[2] The program first aired on Kiss FM Abuja[3] in 2009, and then later on Crowther Love FM. Following its initial success, the program's headquarters, Human Rights Radio Abuja, was established. Brekete Family is known by Nigerians for seeking justice for the helpless. Beneficiaries of the broadcast have praised Brekete Family for empowering people in various ways, which include securing financial assistance. The program has blossomed into several other areas such as the Brekete Academy, where certified instructors offer courses in professional development in various fields.[4]

The program is listened to, by millions of ordinary Nigerians, government officials, politicians, law enforcement, and even foreigners. It is a place where people obtain public redress, facilitate arbitration, and has been used to raise funds for scholarship program for the poor, sick, or hungry.[5]

The program is conducted in Pidgin English[6] and features real-life issues and events concerning human rights. It has gained a wide acceptance and mass appeal, especially[7] due to its nature of operation, similar to a community network. Hence, they reach out to the underprivileged, and intervene on behalf of the victims of daily human rights abuse.

In 2017, Brekete Family commissioned Human Rights Radio 101.1FM Abuja,[8] the only human rights radio station in its entirety. The radio station, equipped with the 21st-century radio facilities, has attracted many government officials, international bodies, and even the poor masses.

On 29 October 2018, the vice president of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osibanjo was on the live show of Brekete Family,[9] making it the first reality radio show in Nigeria to feature her vice president.[10]


Located in Abuja, the Brekete Family Reality Radio and TV Talk Magazine is a non-profit organization that produces a live, daily program. Using investigation, dialogue, mediation, and advocacy, it helps Nigerians, especially low income population, to demand accountability and compensation for abuses. This organization supports Brekete's weekly program on electricity and education, which allow citizens to report corruption and seek redress. The project is expected to contribute to a reduction in corruption, especially retail corruption, and increase citizen participation in the new administration’s anti-corruption program.[11] The Brekete Family vision portrays a free and better humanity for everyone, especially the oppressed and less privileged in the society.[12]


The mission of Brekete Family is to advocate for the rights of the oppressed and ordinary citizens in Nigeria. The motto of the program is "voice for the voiceless."


Brekete Family Radio is aired in Abuja, Nigeria and reaches five states in Nigeria. In 2014,[13] it has an estimated daily listenership and viewership of 20 million[14] people across the globe. Brekete Family was awarded $300,000 in 2016, including a grant in Nigeria.[15]


Brekete Family has resolved many complicated societal matters. This include broken marriages, families, warring societal groups and conflict[16] between individual Nigerian citizens/organizations, federal, state, and local governments and their agencies.[17]


Brekete Family is known for its deep investigation in cases of interest, such as serious crimes, human rights abuse, or corporate wrongdoing, in order to discover the truth and provide justice for the victims.[18]


  • Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA)
  • MacArthur Foundation[19]


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