Bregalnitsa–Strumica operation

The Bregalnitsa–Strumica operation (Bulgarian: Брегалнишко-Струмишка операция) was an offensive operation of Bulgarian Army during World War II. It was held by Fourth Bulgarian army from October 15 to November 14, 1944, and was aimed to secure the left flank of the First Bulgarian Army, blocking the way for retreat of the German group armies 'E' from Greece.[1]

Bregalnitsa–Strumica operation
Part of World War II in Yugoslavia
Strumitsa3 1944.jpg
DateOctober 8 – November 14, 1944
Result Allied victory
Flag of Macedonia (1944–1946).svg Macedonian Partisans
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Bulgaria Boyan Urumov
(until Nov. 1)
Kingdom of Bulgaria Asen Sirakov
(from Nov. 1)
Helmut Friebe
Units involved

Kingdom of Bulgaria 4th Army

  • 42,494 men
  • 85 guns
  • 180 mortars

Flag of Macedonia (1944–1946).svg NLA

  • 50th NLA Division
  • 51st NLA Division
Nazi Germany 22nd Infantry Division
Casualties and losses
  • 564 dead
  • 1030 wounded
  • 36 missing
35 000 dead or wounded[citation needed]

The onslaught of the Army began on October 15. After breaking the enemy resistance, its forces entered Kocani, and later seized the region of Štip. This allowed them to go in pursuit of German troops retreating to the valley of the river Vardar. On November 10, it took control over Veles and three days later assisted the First Bulgarian Army in the Stratsin-Kumanovo operation to take Skopje.

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