Brebes Regency

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Brebes Regency
Kabupaten Brebes
Official seal of Brebes Regency Kabupaten Brebes
Location in Central Java
Location in Central Java
Brebes Regency Kabupaten Brebes is located in Indonesia
Brebes Regency Kabupaten Brebes
Brebes Regency
Kabupaten Brebes
Location in Indonesia
Coordinates: 7°04′S 108°53′E / 7.067°S 108.883°E / -7.067; 108.883Coordinates: 7°04′S 108°53′E / 7.067°S 108.883°E / -7.067; 108.883
ProvinceCentral Java
 • RegentHajjah Idza Priyanti
 • Total1,902.37 km2 (734.51 sq mi)
 • Total1,755,136
 • Density920/km2 (2,400/sq mi)
Warga Brebes (id)
Wong Brebes (jv)
Time zoneUTC+7 (WIB)
Area code(s)0283

Brebes (Indonesian pronunciation: [brə'bəs], Javanese: ꦧꦽꦧꦼꦱ꧀, Sundanese: ᮘᮢᮨᮘᮨᮞ᮪) is a regency (Indonesian: kabupaten) in the northwestern part of Central Java province in Indonesia. It covers an area of 1,902.37 km2, and at the 2010 Census it had a population of 1,733,869:[1] the latest official estimate (as at January 2014) is 1,755,136. Its capital is the town of Brebes in the northeast corner of the regency.

Administrative districtsEdit

Brebes Regency comprises seventeen districts (kecamatan), tabulated below with their populations at the 2010 Census:[2]


Brebes is known for its shalot (bawang merah) and Salted duck egg (telur asin in Indonesia).[citation needed] Other popular dishes include Sate Blengong and Peuyeum Ketan from Salem, one of 17 Districts in Brebes.[citation needed]

Jatibarang DamEdit

In January 2014, all the Jatibarang Dam constructions have been completed and ready to water-fill in mid-February 2014.[3] The dam is useful for flood control through Kreo River, Garang River, West Flood Canal and drinking water supply with intensity 1 liter per second for consumption of 100,000 new subscribers in Gunungpati and West Semarang in 2014. Kreo Cave will be isolated in the dam water and a bridge will be provided to go there.[4]


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