BreadTube, or LeftTube, is a term used to refer to a loose group of online content creators who make content explaining or giving editorial opinions from socialist, communist, anarchist, and other left-wing perspectives.[2][3][4] BreadTube creators generally post videos on YouTube which are then discussed on other platforms like Reddit.[5]

Unofficial BreadTube logo[1]


The term BreadTube comes from Peter Kropotkin's The Conquest of Bread,[6][7][8] a book explaining how to achieve anarcho-communism and how an anarcho-communist society would function.


The term is used by and associated with the BreadTube fandom more than the creators themselves,[9][10] some of which have spoken out against the use of the term or being categorized with it,[11] likening it to a form of gatekeeping,[12] vague and ill-defined, and prioritizing the voices of white content creators over those of people of color.[9][13][14][15]

Notable channelsEdit

As the term is informal and often disputed, there is no agreed-upon criteria for inclusion. According to The New Republic in 2019, the five people most commonly mentioned as examples are Natalie Wynn, Lindsay Ellis, Harry Brewis, Ollie Thorn, and Shaun, while Kat Blaque and Anita Sarkeesian are cited as significant influences.[7]


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